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June 17, 2009

Below Waits

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The man wants to die
The death of bliss.
Why he is unable to,
Is due to a young miss.
Knives float freely
Through the air,
None will touch him,
None will dare.
Walk through the vally
Of fire
And the man calls them
All a liar.
Only one can touch the
Core of the man,
No one else can.
The one will not free
The enprisoned soul,
The price is to high
for her to pay the toll.
High above she does
Not here in this Hell.
Fire and brimstone is
All one can see,
A place where no one
Can ever be free.
Though none know where
Here might be,
There are the sounds
Of others,
Who cannot see.
And we all move in
The same place,
In and out of it,
Just like it was made
Of lace.
None ever meet another
Moving here,
For all move in the
Greatest of fear.
To be set free,
To love again,
To live up high,
Knowing that below,
Waits for them to die.


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