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June 17, 2009

I Hope Your Happy

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Sitting each day playing
With my new wound.
Trying to get it to heal
To a state of some normalcy.
Cursing the days that caused
It to happen and cursing more
The cause of its ever bleeding
I now curse you for you made
Me bleed in torrents of gushing
Ten years the wound has sat
There without much trouble,
Just laying in wait for the
Day when I would lose
Control of my emotions
And then try to bleed me
To death.
But I would not stand the
Blood feast you caused,
I went and had it cut from
Its hidden place inside my
Tormented body.
Tis strange the feelings one
Has when being bent over
A folding table,
Knowing that very soon
You will be cut apart,
Just to rid oneself of a
Bloody emotional state,
Caused by you leaving me.
Each day I must suffer the
Pains associated with this
Operation and I think of you
And Hate you more for it.
It’s not enough that my
Heart and inner being are
Totally fucked,
But my body must join in
There seems there is no
Way you missed in causing
Me pain of some sort.
I do hope you are happy


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