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June 30, 2009

Old King George

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Old King George is still
Alive and well in this
For he lives on in the
Likes of Jerry Falwell,
Nancy Regean and all of
Those politicians who
Pass the laws down on
Those of us who still
Believe in what we
Were taught in school
As children.
That this country was
Founded on the ideas of
Freedom to worship as
We choose or not choose
To do.
That the passing of laws
Was to enhance the
Freedom of the people,
Not restrict it.
It is a sad time in
The country we loved is
Dying even as we
Celebrate the Lady of
Freedom Herself.
What mockery we do to
Give honor to Her,
While we become a
Police state hiding
Behind Her skirts.
While I may not
Condone what others
May do or like all the
I defend their right to
Do it,
For it hurts no one
But themselves.
My mind and body
Are my own to choose
To do with,
Not the States.
Even God gives his
People the choice to
Follow His rules or not.
Are the leaders of our
Own people even higher
In understanding than their
Own God?
It is time for our so
Called leaders to eat
Some humble pie and
Let freedon ring once
Again in this great country.
So it may be great once
More and shine as a
Becon to the world.


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