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July 2, 2009

Final Words

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And with these last
Returnings ends all
The past.
But be it known to
You that my love will
Always last.
This short affair can
Be like a mirrored pool.
To show you that you
Need not always play
The fool.
You are good,
Sweet and of the loving
Waste not your
Affections on just any
Old find.
Seek out one who will
Love you for being just
For you are well worth
Getting all the best
There is too.
So fare thee well my
Beautiful and
Wonderful dear.
May you live and love
In the future without
Any fear.
Remember that out
There somewhere is
Someone who will love
You right.
May all the rest of
Your days be shinny
And Bright.


Darcy 1

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Oh yes, I think I’m
In love again.
With a most lovely
When I look into her
Eyes I just melt.
I want to scoop her
Up to kiss and love.
To squeeze her into
A piece of myself.
My brain reels with
Happiness just knowing
That we are going out.
I hope the insides
Are as nice as the
Outside is to me.
I’m just so excited I
Feel like I am going
To bust with joy.

Darcy 2

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I can write the misery
Of my soul.
For this I do know only
To well.
For to long has my soul
Been burning.
And now that I find
Myself being happy,
Bursting with wonderous
Feelings of love,
The words fly away like
A frightened bird.
Why do the words I long
For so much, escape?
Now is when I need them.
For I must let you know
That I love you.

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