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July 3, 2009

Lost Trust

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What is it I seek in this
World of love?
I know not.
The ones who seem to
Call my heart are not
The ones who do my
Soul any good.
The ones who are good
In my soul I do not want.
Do I still not know
Enough to find one who
Can be both?
Again I ask,
What is the key to my
Locked door that I may
Open it and find love
And end my loneliness?
I watch men who abuse
Their women and still
Manage to keep their
Love alive.
While I who do not
Must go unloved by
Any who stir my
Heart, soul and loins.
Do I still seek that
Love I needed from my
I have had her by
Proxy and it was both
Good and bad.
Good in the fact that it
Was the happiest six
Months of my life.
Bad in the fact that I
Learned that I did not
Really like the person
That my Mother was.
Was this a lesson that
I really needed to learn
It does not seem to have
Changed whatever it is
I seek in a woman.
The most it has done is
To have given me the
Distrust of people.
For I no longer believe
What people say they
Are or what they will do.

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