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July 6, 2009

Wait Without Knowing

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You know your alone when you know
That you need somebody.
You know your really alone when
You find that somebody and cannot
Have them.
Yes, you never so alone as when
Your in love and alone in that love.
Not even when my Ex left me did I
Feel this alone and empty.
True this does not hurt like that did.
For this has no pain, just a total
Emptiness of knowing that there
Is nothing I can do but wait.
Wait without knowing what is going
To happen.


What Can I Do?

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I do not think I can take being
Around you so much at this time.
It makes me want you even more
And all to soon he will return and
Again I must show nothing.
The only world I Live in is where
You live too.
And then there are the others to
Whom I must not show anything
To also.
Where can I go?
What can I do?

What Does It Mean?

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So what does it mean
That you are not going
To Reno with him?
Will you now be with
Me on that night?
Does it mean that you
Are closer to coming to
Me and what I offer?
Or does it mean nothing
At all?
It means you want to
Go out drinking and he
Wont do it with you.
It means that being with
Me is nothing more than
Some place to be while
You get your first legal
Drunk under your belt.
It means all of your words
Were just play talk to you.
It means that my heart has
Given up for there is no
Point to this game.
It means I am tired of every
Damn thing that love is
Supposed to be about.

Love Poem 8

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I laughed when my Mother at
The age of 65 acted just like
A school girl in love.
Now at 47 myself I find I am
Not acting much different than
A school boy myself.
What is it about new love
That brings out the child in us?

Love Poem 9

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What can I do?
Nothing my friend.
Just grit your teeth
And wait.
It either will happen
Or it will not.

Love Poem 10

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Honey, have I done
Something wrong?
You do not call.
You barely talk to me.
And it is killing me
Not knowing what is
Happening with you.

Love Poem 11

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Love Poem 11

It is time to harden
My heart.
I cannot let an
Unknown future kill
Me now.
I have survived too
Much to lose it all
You will either love
Me or you will not.
My heart was hard
Before you melted it
To mush.
I must now cement it
Back harder than it
Was before.

Love Poem 12

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I consulted with The I Ching.
It said “Move like an old fox
and order will come out of
chaos. Success with time for
What is desired”.
Boy I hope that is true.

By A Stars Light

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From out of the dismal bleak
World of my loneliness,
A star suddenly shone with
Such brightness,
That it showed just how far I
Had hidden my true heart
From even myself.
I hadn’t wanted to see my true
Heart, for it had feelings,
Wants and desires I didn’t
Even knew existed with in it.
Now that I know what has
Been hidden,
I can never hide them again.
But what can I do with the
New knowledge I now possess?
For the star that shined on
My hidden self was but a
Shooting star.
Bright but for a brief moment.
Then gone, leaving me to try
And hide what I can once again.
I hide because I know the pain
Caused by the false lights.
Maybe someday a real star will
Light my world.


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I set you free even though I
Didn’t have any claim on you.
You are still free to follow
Your heart where ever it
Leads you.
You do not love me.
Though I think you would if
You were here to sample who
I am.
But your heart is still split
Between two others who have
When and if you ever decide
That these others are not
What you are looking for,
Then just maybe you might
Come back and see if I am.
I’ll be waiting.
For I have nothing else I
Wish to do.

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