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July 10, 2009

The Only Kind Of Love

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The iron box must be closing
On my heart.
For it is starting to hurt less.
But it wouldn’t take much from
You to burst it wide open again.
I guess right now you are the
Holder of the key to my heart.
Damn, I wish to be loved like I
Love you.
But will it ever happen that the
One I love will love me at the
Same time?
I know I harp on this one idea,
But I still can’t get it through
My head.
How can two people who are so
Much alike in their hearts,
Minds and souls, not be together?
This to me is the only kind of
True love that can be.
If it does not happen this time,
Then I guess it never will happen.
For what passes as love in the
Others I see, I do not want.


Dream Catcher

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I had a dream that my
Loneliness was over.
It was a pleasant dream
While it lasted.
Then I awoke to my
Reality and was alone.
Alone as I have ever been.
Maybe I need a dream
A dream catcher made
By the hand of the
Dream I wish to catch.
I wonder if she will
Make it for me knowing
What I want to catch?

Love Poem 13

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The best I can hope for is that
You will always wonder what
It might have been like with me.
No, that is second best.
The best would be that you are
With me and know what it is like.

Love Poem 14

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I have learned so much
And have no one to use
It with.
What is the point of
Learning stuff if it has
No use?

Maybe It’s Better

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Well it has ended as I thought it
Would as soon as I heard that the
Father of your child was back in
The picture.
Better him than who you were
Going to be with.
I am truly glad that it will get
You away from here.
I just wish I had had a chance to
Love you other than on the phone.
Maybe it’s better this way.
It would have killed me to have
You leave after having you be
With me.
I love you Darling, I hope it
Works out.
But it it doesn’t, you know where
I am.

No One

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My arms hold no one.
My lips kiss no one.
My heart holds no one.
Or should it be said that
No one holds my heart?
Alone, oh so alone it is
Now that my sweet
Dream has given her
Heart to another.
So high did I fly on the
Heart of heart talks
We had together.
Soared into places I
Never knew even existed.
How will I ever find
These places again
Without you who showed
Them to me.
I have never met another
Like you before and that
Covers a whole lot of time
And a lot of women.
You are definitely one in
A million,
Especially in my eyes, mind,
Heart and soul.
How is one supposed to
Feel when one meets their
Dream and she is even more
Than the dream and then
Not be able to have any
Part of her?
Damn it all, I wish I
Could put all of what I
Feel into words that say
What I am feeling inside.

Peace Lost

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I thought I had peace.
Then you came into
My life and my peace
Was destoryed.
Not your fault,
But my own.
Now I must learn to
Restore the inner
Peace I had.
I know that the past
Inner peace came from
Giving up on finding
For I know that love
Must find me.

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