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July 13, 2009

Age Problem

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I finally really wish
I was 20 to 25 years
For then the difference
In our ages wouldn’t be
A problem I know it to be.
Well there is nothing
That can be done about it.
Too bad, for I know it would
Have been wonderful anyway.


Can’t Stop Writing

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Can I never stop this insistent
Writing that I do?
The words go nowhere.
The emotions go nowhere.
I just wate time, paper and ink.
No, I guess that’s not quite true.
The emotions do get eased when
The words finally end up in the
Computers memory.
But so much time is definitely
Hours are spent in the writing.
More hours are spent in the putting
What has been written into the
And then I never read really read
Them again.
Well over 100 of these I have
Written now just because of
In a round about way you are
Ahead of my ex-wife she has
Also about the same, but not
As many as you.
And you and I have yet to kiss
Or even hold hands.
Yes, you are definitely something
And someone special in my life.
I wonder why?
It things happen for a reason,
What reason are you in my life?

Dead Fairy Tale

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Well I see I was right
In some respects.
At least in the way
Your thinking goes.
You are not here yet,
At least totally.
Sounds like this is
Just another false
You are thinking of
An old Him again if
You stay around.
I knew you would.
I knew I wasn’t an
Option in any plans
For your future.
I think I should ask
For my poems back.
They will be a liabilty
To you if you keep
Them and stay here.
Anyway, they have
Served no useful
It would make a good
Ending to what has
Been a waste of my
Time and emotions.
The fairy take is over.
We did not live together
Happily ever after.

The End?

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No, it never is The End.
The End is only a pausing point.
A level between the highs and
Lows of this thing called love.
Is it even real?
Something tells me yes.
But the only thing I truly know
Is that I truly know nothing.

Finally An Answer

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I have kept asking myself what
Or why do I think that I am in
Love this time?
And the answer finally has
Come to me.
It is the way I feel when I look
At you and the way I feel when
I look at you when you look at
Your child.
I have never felt this way before.
To love an adult and a child and
Want both.
It amazes me that I can feel
This way at all.
The love between a man and
A woman I can understand.
I now understand the love
Between an adult and a child.
It is something I thought I
Would never feel.
I know not if you will ever
Love me,
But I thank you for being alive
So I could learn this wonderful
Thing about myself.

The Magic Was Back

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A new day after a nights sleep.
Time enough to think about
Last night.
I find I cannot close and lock
My heart to you.
A few words and a smile and
All of that is gone in a moment.
As if nothing has happened
Since you left.
The old magic was once again
Back in the Wednesday night
Poker game.
I knew it was you that made it
I hope you stay.
For you and your child make
The magic happen just by being
Alive and here.

I Know Not

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I know not why I
I know you do not
Want me.
I guess it is good
That I say nothing.
Maybe we can both
Forget that I love you.
Yeah, maybe you can
And maybe I can act
Like nothing has
Ever happened
Between us at all.
Fuck, I know not
What to do.
For as it is now,
It would seem that
We have never known
Each other at all.

You Never Say No

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It is so obvious that you
Do not want either of them.
But you talk of love with one
And spend upon hours with
The other one.
Where do I fit into this?
Do I fit in at all anymore?
Did I ever fit into it?
Do you want to know me?
That is the only question
I need answered.
Damn it all,
I wish I knew what you feel
About me.
Your actions say that nothing
Is there.
Your words leave room for
My heart to soar in.
You have said nothing really.
You just never say, NO.
And that keeps my heart and
Hope alive.

Want Not To Love

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I want not to love who I love.
For I think it will never be.
And in the meanwhile I toss
About on the stormy seas
Called love.
How many ways have I told
Her what I feel and desire?
Has it had any real affect in
What she is doing or will do?
Why does love torment me so?
All old questions asked before
And still no answers.
Again my friend,
Do nothing and maybe love
Will find you.
Maybe not.

Love Poem 20

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I wonder if you might
Still hold a key to my
I no longer wonder.
It would and will open
With just your words.

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