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July 15, 2009


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Gods? Well according to the Bible there are if you believe it to be word of God. In the Ten commandments one of them is “You shall have no other gods before me”. Ok got to ask, what other gods? If there is only one god, you can’t have other gods. If there are other gods, you can’t have one god. Simple thought, not hardly even logic, yet if a God tells you, you can’t have others, guess that god knows what he/she/it is talking about and that is OTHER GODS.

Also in the Ten Commandments, and I will make it a short version, “You shall not make any graven images—-for I the Lord your God am a jealous God—“. Ok you get the idea, now why should or would a single god need to get jealous? What is there to get jealous of?  Sounds a little insecure to me. Well maybe God is insecure, after all there are them others gods you can’t have before Him. Mankind out grew them so called other gods, Odin, Ball and more that I cannot think of at the moment, when will mankind out grow this one god idea?

Gee we will still have enough to hate and kill each other with without religion being here. Hell we got nationalism, politics, racism,  aren’t these enough for us?  I will get into those subjects at other time.


God and gods 1

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God and gods, what a concept. I would like to know just when mankind decided it needed that concept. Long ago when mankind knew nothing about the world it lived in, I can see that one would wonder how things happen. I can see mankind being like a child without a teacher believing that some great power must be doing all the things that happen. I can see mankind looking at itself and seeing that just as they have different talents at doing different things, the powers must be the same way. A power that controls each of the different things that happen, like the rain, the wind, things that grow in the earth, that cause the animals to move from place to another and so on and so on. Okay, gods are now invented, next step.

 One person thinks, if I can convince the other people that I can talk to the gods and can get favors from the gods, then the people will have to come to me and do what I say. I am now the priest who knows what the gods want and need to grant favors to mankind. I cannot let another have this power for I will lose my own if I do. So my way is the only right and true way there is, and I will fight and kill any who differ from my way. Religion is now invented, next step.

Ok we have religion, we need a priest for each power. But people do get tired of having to do the same things over and over again and having so many gods to do things for in order to have things in life, gets in the way of doing things in life. So mankind decided that one god is easier than many and if only one day is needed to worship that god I have more days free for the things I need to do. Ok one god is invented.

Nice idea but as we all know, each group of people thinks that they are the best group, the smartest and so on and so on. No two people really ever think just alike, feel just alike or even want the same things in their life. So we have a problem with just one god and one religion. There is nothing to be done except to change the rules so I can do what I want and still be right. This is why we so so many different factions in religion. Even why we have so many different religions. And each group has to think they are right and would and did fight to prove it. We are still fighting to prove what we believe is the truth and only right way there is. Just check out history, the world is full of this proof.

Ok people, time to grow up. There can be no one god who has the only right way to live. People are just too different for this to happen. Pull your heads out of the sand and look at the world, religion has caused more death and war than just about anything else. And you still want to believe that this is right for mankind? That all others must believe as you do. Hell your next door neighbor most likely go to a different church than you do, so should you kill him? Kill him just to prove that your way is the only right and true way?

Ok one thought posted here, more to come. Much more!

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