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July 18, 2009

a god mistake?

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Ok lets look at Cain and Able. The first children in the world. Here we have a case of jealousy that ends in death. Well god has jealous feelings and man was made in the image of god so if Cain was being like god in his feelings where is it wrong to be god like. We can’t have a god who says “Do as I say, not as I do”, it just wouldn’t be fair. But then god never is fair.  A fair god would not punish someones children unto the 3rd, 4th or 5th generation for something done by a parent. Kind of hard to want to worship a god if you were born to be punished for something you didn’t do. We as a people today would not allow a parent to act this way with children. But I wander off the subject of Cain and Able. So god favors Able, didn’t god think that this would make Cain jealous? Once again the all knowing didn’t know, or it was his plan to have Cain kill Able? If so Cain did what he was supposed to do, and if you do what god wants, how can you be in trouble for it?

People are always saying that god has called someone who has been killed. So if that soul was called to god, is the killer a bad person for sending the called one to god? Hard to decide just what is right and wrong in looking at the will of god this way. After all god has killed lots of people, the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah just to name two mass killings. Does that make god a psychopathic mass murderer? After all if any person did those things we would put them in jail or execute them. Again “Do as I say, not as I do” kind of thing. It is alright for a god to kill but not his followers. A double standard, no wonder man (not mankind, well mankind too) has one. Just think of all the preachers and priest who do just what they preach against. Just how are the people to follow when their god and religious leaders do not follow the so called rules?

Back to Cain who leaves his parents and go to Nod where he knew his wife. Ok not the first to ask this question nor will I be the last, but just where did the wife come from. If there are other people where did they come from? One of them other gods god is jealous of bring them forth like god did with Adam and Eve? God created Adam and Eve, no one else. Adam and Eve had only two children or at least the bible mentions no others. One cannot believe the story of Genesis hook line and sinker. Any person with a basic thought pattern should have said NO this is not a real thing. Is life so scary to people that they need this fairytale  in order to keep them going in this world? Are we still as dumb as the cavemen who didn’t know their world, yet?

Have we not learned enough about how the world works and its wonders to know the truth when it is right in front of us? Or are too many people just like the priest during the darkages and will not let any truth be heard because it would take away their belief system?  I see a billboard every time I come home from town that asks “Are they making a monkey out of you?”. I have to ask why is it up there, do they really think that will make people change their minds? Also I want to know do they (the ones who put up the billboard)  really want to be made into sheep? After all monkeys at least seem to think and sheep do not. But that is what religous leaders want, non thinking followers. After all do they not call their followers a flock and themselves sheperds? Sheep,strange term to use, think of fleecing, not only for wool but the word is also used to describe taking money from people and preachers seem to do a lot of that.

Well enough ideas to think about for today.


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