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July 25, 2009

Men and Women

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Ever wonder why men have nipples? What use are they? Got to think that once upon a time there was just one sex and that sex was female. During the evolution of mammals, I guess it needed another sex to make it a viable life form. So if you start with the female and change it ever so slightly you get the male. Seems likely to me that it happened this way. No I have done no research on this, it is just a thought I had on why men have nipples.

Body hair, oh boy that is a fun thing, not! At least from where I am at. Why do I need to be growing hair on my ears? Why do I need to be growing what could become a second mustache out of my nose?  Hair growing on my nose, come on. My facial hair seems to be growing together all over my face, at this rate by the time reach 90 (if I do) I will lose my face behind the hair. And why do older women need to start growing mustaches and beards? Sorry thing for the fair sex to have to put up with. This is part of a gods plan for human kind? Mean joke if you ask me.  Why cause men to start turning into women and women into men?

Well I guess if all started out as one sex, it makes sense that if we live long enough, we sort of go back to being that one sex at death. If a god made a man first, what was the point of the nipple on him first? Just what was he going to do with them? Sorry keep slipping back into god and gods all of the time, but it does permeate all parts of our life and keeps getting in the way learning what life is all about. Got wonder just how much about the world we might know by now if religion hadn’t kept us in the dark for so long. If it still wasn’t trying to keep us in the dark now.


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