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July 29, 2009

Michael Jackson

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Ok, I guess I need to blog about what is important to everyday people. No one seems really interested in god ideas unless they are praising ones. Who really cares thatĀ Michael JacksonĀ is dead, aside from his family, I don’t. I didn’t care for him anyway. Born a black male child, died an almost white woman. It is my belief that he killed himself knowing he could not really make a come back. I do not understand why he and all of the big stars hold such interest for us in what they do in their daily lives. They are just people like the rest of us. In my time living in Los Angeles county as a young man, I met many stars and they wanted to be treated as regular folks, at least the ones I met did. And that is how I treated them and we got along just fine. Are the lives of most people so drab that they must try to live through the lives of others? Is that why soap operas so popular? I always wondered how some people could watch a made up TV show and act as if it was real. Boy, talk about not having a life, those people really don’t.


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