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July 30, 2009


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Just how stupid does one have to be to join a gang? Why in the world would one want to be a part of something that most likely will get you killed? Just how small do you have to feel to need a gang to make you feel like a big shot? And just how big are you really if you are just another member of some gang? Is killing someone the thing that makes you a man? Seems like it is more manly to not join a gang in this day and age. If having guts is what it is all about, it takes guts to say no to peer pressure. It takes guts to tell bullies to go to hell. Black, brown, white, green or orange, I don’t care what color ones skin is, we are all just human beings, no one better than the rest. Being in a gang does not and will not make someone a better person. To me it just shows how small a mind a gang member has. What ever happened to the freedom of choice we are supposed to have in this country, if the neighborhood gang makes you join? I have always found it ironic that the bullies of this world are the ones who have the most insecurities about who they are. I have always hated the saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”, what a sad way to feel. It seems to be the way of the world when it comes to gangs these days. I would like to know what happened to the pride of being an individual, it was one of the things that made this country what it is today, or can I say that anymore? Once I felt I could, but it has been many years since I felt that way. The only individuals who seem to be making a name for themselves these days are crooked politicians. I just hope our new president doesn’t get caught doing some thing wrong, but he is a politician and most of them seem to be crooked and out to get what they can from the American public. Politicians almost are a gang unto themselves it seems.


The news

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I do not watch the news or read newspapers. There is never really anything new to hear or find out. So and so killed someone, a bomb went off some where again, some movie star did some thing and so on and so on. Got bored with it all some 40 years ago, don’t think I have really missed much in all that time. I manage to know about the really big stuff that happens. Big stuff, just what is that I wonder some times, M J dying was not really big stuff to me. Getting a black president was really big stuff. 911 was the biggest stuff. The history of the news is mostly just a repeat of what happened yesterday. Another corrupt politician found, gee what a surprise! Some big news would be that the governments tell us about aliens they have been hiding for the last 60 odd years. And that is all I have to say about it.

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