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August 14, 2009


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Money, a man made concept. Worth given to something that is not even real. Once upon a time at least it was made of gold and silver, some stuff that is somewhat rare, but still made into a round flat shape and given a value. Barter was once a real trade value, a fair trade of value for value. But today money is hardly even seen, it all goes through computers as numbers and isn’t even touched by human hands. As a very young man I wish I had had a card I could use instead of having to carry cash around with me all of the time, well I got my wish in the ATM card I carry today, I am not sure I like it, but it sure is handy to have. I just need to be sure that I have that imaginary money in the bank to cover what I spend. And to not lose the receipts so I can keep track of what I have spent. I wonder with the computer age if the idea of money has become so unreal that is the reason the big banking corporations have made a mess of the world? It is not like the money is held in their own hands and they can count it like Scrooge McDuck. Money like so many things in this world are just man made ideas, things we have made important to keep us going. Once the real value was being able to hunt and grow food and make shelter for our families. If one had these things, you were as rich as you needed to be. I wonder where the idea of having to have more stuff than someone else became so important and why is it important? It doesn’t make you a better person, more often than not it makes you a worse one. So what is the point of having money? Sure you can buy what you need, but so many buy what they don’t really need. And those with the money just keep trying to get us to buy what ever it is we don’t need just so they can have more money. Maybe we need to go back on the gold standard and have a set value of what our money is worth instead of an imaginary value that changes everyday. So one can know what they are really worth instead of being rich one day and poor the next.

I think about what I used to spend on things as a child and as a young man and am amazed by how much they cost today. If the money were stable as it used to be, maybe the cost of things would not so high today. I think the price my mother paid for a house we lived in when I was about 5 years old was around $5,000, now that house is most likely worth near a million, just because of where it is. It is the same house, on the same street as it was then and a lot older now, so why is it worth so much now? With all of the for sale sign I see around, houses are not worth very much these days. And if no one can afford to buy one, it isn’t worth anything if no one can live in it. Its value is in being lived in and used, not what some people have decided it is worth.

Speaking of being used and worth while, it sure would nice if all of the closed military bases were turned in homeless shelters. All of that living space just sitting around doing nothing. Think of the jobs that could opened up having cooks in the mess halls cooking for the people. Grounds keepers to keep the bases looking good. The shops could be opened up and used again to make whatever is needed for the base and the towns they are in. Well it seems like a good idea to me.

Thinking of jobs, I have wondered why in California they do not do as Oregon does and have people who pump gasoline at the stations? How many jobs would be opened up if there a least two people working at each gas station? Thousands of people could be employed who are not right now. Thousands of people who could paying taxes into that state,which is broke right now. Seems like a simple idea, hope some one brings it up in that state.

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