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July 4, 2009

To Win Or To Win

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Does a jaded and kinky
Man of 38 years who has
Seem much and understands
Differently from the
Usual set of minds that
Occupy this space we
Call Earth,
Dare to attempt the all
Awesome task of winning
The heart and mind of
Such a young and pretty
Woman of 20 tender years?
Years that already have
Seen one of the terrors
Of life we call marriage.
A terror that need not
Be as it seems,
For it does exist in
Forms of wonderfulness.
I have seen it,
True only once that I
Would call wonderful.
But it is there.
And where one wonderful
Thing exists,
Then another can also.

Even with the knowing
Of this.
Is it enough to tickle
The imagination of one
Such as you?
Are you one who dares
To dream and ask for
What others might call
Shades of ancient poems
Ring in these lines,
Forever do the ideas of
Great love keep their
Hopes alive.
But are these even ideas
Of importance?
What hopes do you have?

I have nothing to lose.
For I have nothing now.
I can only win,
Whatever the outcome of
This–this game of–love?
Whatever it may be
Called when one wants
And hopefully wins the
Other to their hearts
If I win,
Then I win something of
Great importance.
If I do not win your
Well then I have more
Poems to add to the ever
Expanding pile.
Either way I gain
Something of value.
But wouldn’t it be
Nice to have both?

Patricia 3

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For one who thought
You looked good,
You walked into the
Room tonight and I
Nearly died from
Heart failure.
I know not if you
Have any idea what
Affect you have on
The men around you,
But have mercy child.
There ought to be a
Law about such a sexy
Thing as you walking
Around free.
If no other feels as
I do about the way
You look,
Then the world is
Full of dead and dying
Men who have lost all
Their senses.
To see you dressed in
That black outfit you
Wore tonight is almost
More than a man can
Take without losing
His thoughts about
Anything else.
Is it any wonder that
I mumble,
You took my breath
It was all I could do
To keep my head on
The job at hand.

I hope your young man
Appreciates what a
Treasure he has,
For if you were mine,
I would let you know
Just about everyday
As to how wonderful
You are.
I do not seem to be
Able to get across
The idea or feeling
Of what looking at
You does to me.
Think of the most
Breathtaking thing
You can think of,
Then double,
At least triple that
In size,
Or wonder,
Or more in anyway you
Can think of,
And you begin to get
Some inkling as to
The effect you have
On me.
And I leave it,
At that.

Patricia 2

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I found myself alone
In the darkroom,
Wandering lost and
I would stop at the
enlarger you use and
Caress the area where
You had been.
What foolishness am I
Doing to myself?
I can not afford to
Fall in love with
Such a one as this.


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Whoever you may be,
You seem wonderful
To me.
The beauty of your
Face tugs at the
Strings of my heart.
The youthfulness of
Your eyes which show
Such tenderness and
Innocence shout to me
Of the sweetness of
Your spirit.
Though your face looks
So young,
Your body makes the
Statement that it is
The body of a woman.
A woman who would
Demand the attention
Of one who knew what
To do with such a
Temple of perfection.

Forgive the adulation
Of the wandering poets
But when one such as
You falls within the
Space of my vision,
I get lost in dreams
Of fantasy and lust.
For I always have
Wanted one such as you.
One to whom I could be
All the things a man
Dreams of being.

But much are the fears
Of one who has seen
Much of life,
And know that the
Young must learn on
Their own.
Changes are great in
The years to come for
One who is soon to
Fly for the first time.

Changes are slow for
Jaded poets of hurtful
Who remembers another
Young and wonderfully
Endowed girl.
One who also was an
And practical,
And fantastic.

Enough of such stuff.
This poem was to tell
You of the great
Desire I have to know
You for more than just
An acquaintance,
And just how perfect
You seem to me.
If I don’t speak,
You will not know.
If you do not know,
Then there is no
Chance of anything
Nothing need happen
It is enough for you
To know that you
Are cause for another
To bless the wonder of
Your existence.
I would bable on like
The fool I may be,
So I will end this
Baring of my naked

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