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July 4, 2009

The Raven

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Here I am out and
Having none,
While the dishes need
To be done.
Driving the streets
Till after two,
Makes me wonder just
Who’s who.
Can’t seem to find
The one just right,
Out on this lonely,
Lonely night.
Don’t want to go
Home alone.
And there is no one
To call on the phone.
Time comes for the
Needed sleep,
Of this life I don’t
Like to keep.
While knowing that
Up at the Raven,
Is the woman that I
Am crave-n.
Can’t get you out
Of my mind,
Wondering what I
Might find.
Knowing love can
Torture the soul,
If it is let out of
Its hidden hole.


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Oh you good looking
Please give my heart
A whril.
Just to see your body
Sends my blood into
A swril.
Your hair so blond
And long,
Was ment to be in a
And when your eyes
Twinkle and shine,
Ah Tina, I must make
You mine.

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