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June 25, 2009

Illusion circa 1980

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ILLUSION circa 1980

As an artist I only see the ugly around us.
Totally overwhelming all good that the
Surrealistic mind creates.
The beauty of nature is and will be totally
Destoryed by mankind.
If gods do exist,
They are very mixed up things.
I have seen nothing to justify any belief
In their existence.
For this world is nothing but a total disaster.
Only fools who live without meaning of true
Enlightenment can even fuction.

To dream of a day when all will live in total
Harmony is the biggest lie mankind has ever
Belived in or will ever believe in.
The gods never have been nor will they
Ever be.
Gods are made up beings used as a crutch
To hide mankind in.
And any fool who believes otherwise are
Only hiding from themselves.
Being afraid to see what is really the state
Of reality.
Why then do I try to warn you of this
False world?
Being but a mortal man like the rest,
I too suffer the false dream.
I was not brought up to believe in it
And unlike the rest,
Am not afraid of death and the unknown.

Seeing more than most of what is happening
Than most of mankind is able to see.
I feel is is my duty (as was taught to me) to
Try and let mankind know just what its
World is coming to and why it is so.
Greed, just plain greed and egotism.
To have more than others,
To have what others have,
Always wanting, wanting!
Always feeling I am better than anybody else.
I’m to good to need anybody.
Ego and greed will kill any beauty that nature
Has made for us to enjoy and love.
Hell, wouldn’t you rather see a parking lot
Full of fancy cars than a park?
What in the names of the gods is the world
for anyway?

All happiness and joy is but an illusion.
Only the misery of mankind is the real truth.
Born in pain, living in pain, dying in pain.
This is the world and it can go to Hell for
All I care!
All is lost to mankind.
I can find no reason for life to continue.
For without love there is nothing to live for.
Only death or insanity are left for mankind.
Which will come first and end this fucked life
Mankind now lives?
Earlier people controlled their feelings somewhat
Without outside help.
But no more does that false reality still exist.
Only pills save mankind now from selfdestruction.
Pills, what a phony way to live life.
Sleeping in a druged state,
Oblivious to the reality that confronts mankind
In their ever continuing life.
Mankind needs to give and recieve love.
Love that can understand its suffering and
Love them for it.
To give meaning to life, all life!
But does that love really exist on this Earth?

Soon the pain will be to much and mankind
Will die the last death.
To breathe no more.
Life-death, what is the difference?
If Heaven is what what I hear it to be,
It would be boring, Hell just the same.
Life now is nothing but a torment to the living.
Physical pain would almost seem a relief.
Causing one to forget all mental and emotional suffering.
As Steppenwolf was a coward, so is mankind too.
So mankind shall die by not letting itself live in
The normal world.

Taking pills to kill the mind,
Not allowing anyone to come to ourselves.
As mankind has always suffered,
So shall it suffer till death.
Nothing is worth trying trying to live for.
For as they say “You can’t take it with you when you go”.
So what is the point of even trying at all?
None that can be seen anywhere.
So now death comes.

Dead, we are all dead.
All dreams and hopes and ideas have been lost
To the reality of what is.
Nothing remains but the body and motor nerves
Operating in the dream created by the frightened
Souls who can’t face life without religion to hide
Behind for their false security blanket.
Can any doubt this?
The saying that “God moves in mysterious way” or
“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away” is only
Mankind trying to hide their fear of the unknown.
For these sayings really say nothing at all.
For there is no reason or purpose to anything
That takes place in this universe of ours.
It is but a dream.
A nightmare would be a better word for it!
If pity is a real emotion, then mankind should
Pity itself for all who live in this nightmare and
Believe it to be the only reality.
If one person can show a single proof that
This is not true, then at persons world is only
True unto themselves alone.
For I have seen the truth and nothing really exist.
Mankind could stop this false world that it is stuck
In just by stopping all thoughts that come to it.
Lay down and cease to exist.
What release would mankind find from this living
But the conditioning of several Untold life times is
Not easily overcome.
Knowing the truth and letting the mind and body
Get it together is not yet possible.
The easy way out would be to cut the wrist,
But then someone who believes in this reality
Would have to clean up the mess of the bodies.
Though many care not for themselves nor this world,
There are those who do care about others who will
Continue to believe in this reality.
One should not have the right to subject them
To the left-over remains of the bodies.
There must be away to cease to exist, body and all.
To vanish totally,
To leave no trace of any existence behind.
Even all thoughts of having been should leave.
Nothing should remain behind.
Leaving only cleanliness.

Another day has mankind lived.
One is which nothing was done.
Sometimes one thinks one is alive only to watch
Mankind play its silly game of trying to be important.
Important for what?
Who really knows or cares?
But still mankind lives on, this must be Hell.
For there is no real goodness anywhere to be found.
All seem to suffer in one form or another.
Any happiness is only momentary, just that, only a moment.
Then lost to blankness or suffering once more.
Not one sane person walks the Earth this day.
All believing in the dream of being important,
Omnipotent, a god among men.
When in the reality of what is true,
They all are nothing at all.
All living things share the same fate.
To be born, to live and to die.
And none will morn their passing.
Zombies walk the Earth.
All becoming numbers in what will become the
Controlling Police computer state of the machine age.
The time is past for any revolt against its coming.
No defense is possible.
Where can you hide from it?
Try to hide in the mountains and you become a
Missing person with a case number.
Die and your grave is numbered on a map in the graveyard.
So come zombies,
Let us hurry to get our numbers implanted in our brains.
So we will always know who we are and where we are.
After all we mustn’t try to confuse the almighty
Police Computer.
It will fight back and kill all who would try to be an
Individual soul.
Even the Hippies who thought they were fighting the
Conformity of the world, only conformed to their own
Ways and were alike.
Just as much as what they fought against.

It is hopeless!

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