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July 11, 2009

Just A Dream Girl

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Well My Darling, it sounds like
I am not even in the running
For your heart.
I guess my dream girl was just
That, a dream that doesn’t exist.
To bad you weren’t the one for
Me, for I have never met anyone
Closer to what I want than you.
I was afraid I would lose you
Before I even got to be with you.
The tears were not in vain.
Oh well, no PTA meetings,
No chance of being a Father with
You as Mother, no you at all.
I wish it was as easy to still my
Heart as it is to write these
Words that sound so glib.
I shall hurt deep in my soul for
A long time to come.
I do not wish to hear of what
You do with the heart I desire
To love.
For it would tear mine even
More than it is now.
It’s to bad you have no real
Understanding of just how
Affected I am by every little
Thing that you do, say and feel.
You have managed or I have let
You fill every part of me.
Now comes the battle to close
You out of my dreams and
Return my heart to its iron box.
This battle will be won in time
And there my heart will stay
For I wish to love no more.
It hurts to much when I can
Only love one who does not want
My love.

Know No More

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All this writing and you wont
Read any of it until you are
Ready to see just what we
Might be.
Midnight, time to quit.
Another day has passed and I
Know no more about tomorrow
Than I did when the last day
You know no more about how
You feel each day, for you are
Not reading these words I write.

Questions, No Answers

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I have questions.
I have no answers.
I do not like where you are.
I am there too.
I do not like it there.
So I must remove myself.
But I have nowhere else to go.
I have lost my respect for the
Others who populate the there
We share.
These are my only friends who
Share my world.
Questions, with no answers.
How do I now act and react with
The people I have lost respect for?
I need a new there to go to.
But you are the only there I want
To have.
So many theres to find you and
I found nothing but empty space
To hurt in.
How can you be so much of what
I want and so close in sharing my
Soul to be like a twin and still
Stay apart from me?
I have questions.
I have no answers.

Star Light Footnote

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Damn I wanted you.
Hoped you were at
Last the real star I
Have wanted.
For you shone brighter
Than any other.

A Confusing Mess

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My heart is heavy with sadness.
None of who are supposed to be
My friends will speak of my plight.
Partly because they are all in
The middle of it also.
When two love the One and one
Of the two is with the One,
It places the others in a place
Of hardship.
Especially when two of the others
Are the parents of the One the
Two love.
And now another from the past
Shows up to make three who
Love the One.
Me being the newest, I have the
Smallest chance of the three.
Unless the One has listened to
My heart, mind and soul speak
to hers.

The One has passed on one of the
Three and is not certian of the
Old love that has returned.
And I am an unknown quality.
What will the One chose to do is
The question I must await the
Answer too.
My mind knows that I am out of
The equation.
I could be wrong, but I do not
Think so as I write this.
And if the One will not talk to
Me, I can not tell the One what
I must.
Which is “I’ll be here when she
Is done with both of them and
Is ready for something new”.

A Romantic Notion

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A romantic notion to try with
You someday.
I will give you a gold key.
The key will be to my heart.
But I will not tell you what it
Is for.
For you will know.
When and if you want to use
The key,
You will know where I am.
For I am not going anywhere.
The only question is when to
Give you the key.
The romantic day would be on
St. Valentines Day.
But as I have no idea as to what
Your plans for the future are.
Maybe I had better do it sooner.
Maybe on your birthday, when
As plans now stand we will be
Around each other,
But not together.
Seeing as how that is also New
Years Eve. it sounds like a
Good idea to me.

Damn The Fates

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Damn the Fates are cruel.
To let me get a glimpse of who
You are,
Knowing that what you are is
What I want for a life mate.
And then to not let you return
The love I grew to have for you.
I wonder just what is it I lack
To turn your heart my way?
Believe me, if I knew the key,
I would use it.
You are too special to let pass
On by without a word.
At least I let you know what I
Feel about you.
I guess I can do no more than
What happens now is all up
To you.

Missed Phone Call

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Are you trying to kill my heart?
I asked, you said yes.
But you didn’t.
I waited until midnight.
I know you hate it when it is
Done to you.
What is your excuse for doing
It to me?
After all, it was only a phone
Called I wanted.
Was I not home early enough?
Did you spend the night at your
Mother and Fathers place?
I will wonder about it until you
Let me know what happened.
I really do begin to believe that
I have no place in your future.
Which makes me just a foolish
Older man whose folly is was to
Fall in love with a beautiful
Younger woman and her child.
Going are the dreams I had of
Us and the future I hoped for.
To bad, for they were great
Hopes and dreams.

July 10, 2009

The Only Kind Of Love

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The iron box must be closing
On my heart.
For it is starting to hurt less.
But it wouldn’t take much from
You to burst it wide open again.
I guess right now you are the
Holder of the key to my heart.
Damn, I wish to be loved like I
Love you.
But will it ever happen that the
One I love will love me at the
Same time?
I know I harp on this one idea,
But I still can’t get it through
My head.
How can two people who are so
Much alike in their hearts,
Minds and souls, not be together?
This to me is the only kind of
True love that can be.
If it does not happen this time,
Then I guess it never will happen.
For what passes as love in the
Others I see, I do not want.

Dream Catcher

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I had a dream that my
Loneliness was over.
It was a pleasant dream
While it lasted.
Then I awoke to my
Reality and was alone.
Alone as I have ever been.
Maybe I need a dream
A dream catcher made
By the hand of the
Dream I wish to catch.
I wonder if she will
Make it for me knowing
What I want to catch?

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