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July 12, 2009

A Fast Dream

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A dream whipped passed me.
As fast as that old yellow
Carmingia did in the past.
But this isn’t love at first
Sight as that was.
Though I will probably think
Myself lucky that this dream
Passed on by me.
I sometimes wonder if I want
It to return.


Imagined Hours

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Ah my Darling,
If you were only here
By my side.
Now is the time that
We would be putting the
Little Darling to bed.
The night would be ours.
Ours for hours for the
Promises of love making
Imagined in the days
Past when we talked
Together and bared our
Souls to each other.
Though I close my heart
Now, I believe you will
Hold a key to its opening.
May the day come when
We do have ours for hours.

A Reason?

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I talked to a friend.
A female friend.
To tell her what is
Happening between
Us now and to ask if
She as a woman could
Tell me why you do
Not call anymore.
She said “Your new
Boyfriend might not
Understand your desire
To converse with me
Now as you did in the
Past, for he knows
How I feel about you”.
I can only hope she is
If this is the reason,
Then I can forgive my
Anger of being left out
Of your life.
But if it is not, then
My anger will close my
Heart very strongly
Against you and it will
Be hard for you to open
It back up.

I Wonder If

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I wonder if you ever
Ask about me when
You call your mother?
She never mentions
That you do.
But I’m not sure that
Means anything.
I can only hope I’m still
In your heart and mind
As you are in mine.

No One Here

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The sound of rain
On the roof.
The warmth of the
Wood stove in the
Living room.
A good movie on
The TV.
A cozy couch to
Cuddle on.
And no one here to
Share it all with.
Boy ain’t life grand.


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Damn I want to hold
You, Touch you, kiss
You, lovey you.
That’s what I get for
Talking about you
Today with a friend.
See, nothing has
Changed in what I
Feel and want.
And you have been
Gone a month now.

Another Wednesday Night

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Well it’s poker night again and
I am sitting here before I go
Wishing that you were going
To be there.
But only if you were there as
My partner in love and life.
For to be that close to you again
And not be your mate in life
Would be too much for me to bear.
For I truly feel you will be the
Last to have my heart and soul.

Phantasy #2

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Valentines Day approaches.
The day this year I wanted
To sit you and your daughter
Down and ask you both to be
My family forever.
With you now with another
It doesn’t look good for this
To happen.
But I hear you are unhappy
Where you are now.
And here comes phantasy #2.
You call me and say come get
Me and take me away from
All of this.
I tell you that I must be in
Town on the 13th (which is
the truth strangely enough)
And I will get you and we can
Go to Reno and be married on
Valentines Day.
The day we had discussed this
Happening on once before.
Only it would a year early.

Red Light

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The red light is blinking on the
Phone machine.
Someone called while I was out.
Who ever it was left no words.
Was it you?
My heart wants it to be you.
I wonder if you remember what
I wanted to do tomorrow with
You and your daughter?
Yes my Dear, Valentines Day is
Almost upon us and still you are
Not here for me to be able to ask
You for your hand in marriage.

Closed Issue

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The day came and the
Day went.
Not a word was heard.
I have no clues.
You see fit not to let
Me know about you
So I will ask no more
About you.
The issue is closed on
My end.

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