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July 1, 2009

I Know

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I know what I want and
That it cannot be found.
For only in my fantasy
Does it flitter like as
A month.
Like a vision in the
Cornor of the eye yet
Forever tantalizing with
The wonder and delight
Of unknown and untold
Worlds of pleasure.
Forever it seems I will
Be wanting and searching
With the passion of

Desperation 1976

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In desperation,
Grasping at straws.
Seeking an old love,
One of torment.
But times have changed.
Maybe now is the time,
To rekindle the ambers.
Ambers that haven’t died
Over the years.
Love did flow once,
And deeply at that.
Still I remember her phone
Number after fifteen years.
That must mean something.
Let her love still flow,
As once it did.
I find mine still does,
And I hope it always will.

As Foolish

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If this weekend turns
Out to be.
At long last my mind
Will be free.
Fifteen years I have
Waited for this day.
Now at long last no
More dues will I pay.
We were lovers while
Still teenagers.
Now it seems we have
Past all the dangers.
I loved you at first
Now we need no longer
At long last I feel we
Can make it.
For as adults we have
Now the spirit.
Maybe I am as foolish
As I always was.
But love finds a way
As it always does.

Longing For A Child

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Can old love begin again?
Age has made us wiser.
But wise enough,
I do not know.
I loved her once madly.
As she once loved me,
In her own way.
Through torment she closed
My up tight.
Also through torment,
My ex-wife opened me up.
Somewhere deep inside it
Seems right.
Psychic vibes seem to draw
Us together.
She now crosses my mind,
Cleansing the pain.
Thoughts of me cross her
Mind even now.
In my troubled times,
She thinks of me.
An omen appears to us,
Calling out loud.
The time must be right,
All is falling into place.
Thoughts of children
Running free,
Children from her and me.
How I long to see her
Belly swell,
Full of life,
The world wanting to see.
Oh yes, the oracles do
Speak of great joy yet
To be.
I long for a child from
Christine and me.

Poem For Elephant

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Let me see,
Can I write a poem?
A poem for Elephant,
Not them.
Were I to be alone
For a while,
And not so full of
This bile.
It might turn out to
Be worthwhile.
And this does make
Me smile.
I find her even more
Lovely than my memory
Would let me.
The smallest touch
Sends me full of
Tingling pleasure.
She leaves around
Her fragrance,
That send my mind
Into a trance.
To watch her smile
With pleasure,
Is worth more than
any treasure.
Eyes that do sparkle
With light,
Glowing with so
Much delight.
A voice so soft it
Makes me melt.
I hope this is as
The Tarot was delt.
And now this poem
Is ended.
For Christine it
Was intended.

A Ring

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A wonderful ring
Upon my finger.
Christine’s beautiful
Sweet ring.
It seems to glow with
A life of its own.
Filling me with
Boundless energy.
It transforms my being
To one of joy.
Can’t help but smile
When I gaze upon it.
I have never loved a
Ring like this before.
It makes love to me,
Just by being there.
I make love to it,
As though it were you.
For to me this ring
Symbolizes your spirit.
With it I shall never,
Never part.
Even unto death.

But only in memory can
It stay on,
For it went back,

Much To Learn

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Christine my sweet one.
I am glad that we are
Not yet done.
It’s fine with me that
You smoke.
You get so mellow when
You toke.
The old feelings begin
To return.
I hope we don’t have too
Much to learn.
For I want you to come
To me.
While you are still
Feeling free.
Christine I do still
Love you.
And I hope that you still
Love me too.
As Cat Stevens says,”I
Need a hard-headed woman”.
And you fit the bill for
“Old Dan”.
I really have no desire
To wait and wait.
But I must until that date.


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Last night my dear
Was a start.
I began to feel I
Was a part.
Tonight felt good
Begining with you.
Twas my wish to stay
Here too.
But there is no way
I can stay.
And for this I
Must pay.

Time Dancer

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Possible futures do
Seem bright.
But it will be a long,
Long fight.
Have I found the right
One at last?
Or is it all going way
Too fast?
Again only time has
The answer.
Against which I must
Be the dancer.

I Will Find It

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As I lay on the bed
Fighting my madness.
I beheld you in the
A vision of great beauty.
Soothing as you are in
My sight,
Equally are you
Devastating to my being.
I find I do love you.
Differently than before.
But with as much care
And tenderness as I
Always had.
I do not feel that we
Could make it as a team.
As I seem to be worlds
Apart from you.
Ever was it so,
So ever shall it be.
I’m Sure that somewhere
I shall find someone who
Will fit my lifestyle.
But from watching the
World around me.
I do doubt it.
I see nothing but
Discord everywhere and
It fills my mind with
The same.
Continual shit comes
My way.
Makes me wonder why I
Even try.
But I must have faith.
For somewhere the
Answer must lie.
Hidden far from the
Sight of mankind.
I almost found it once.
I shall find it again.
Alone if I have to.
But Damn it all,
I will find it.

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