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July 2, 2009

Darcy 1

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Oh yes, I think I’m
In love again.
With a most lovely
When I look into her
Eyes I just melt.
I want to scoop her
Up to kiss and love.
To squeeze her into
A piece of myself.
My brain reels with
Happiness just knowing
That we are going out.
I hope the insides
Are as nice as the
Outside is to me.
I’m just so excited I
Feel like I am going
To bust with joy.

Darcy 2

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I can write the misery
Of my soul.
For this I do know only
To well.
For to long has my soul
Been burning.
And now that I find
Myself being happy,
Bursting with wonderous
Feelings of love,
The words fly away like
A frightened bird.
Why do the words I long
For so much, escape?
Now is when I need them.
For I must let you know
That I love you.

July 1, 2009

Darcy 3

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Last night I held the
Most beautiful girl in
The world.
Last night I kissed the
Most wonderful girl in
All creation.
And today I’m drunk with
Love and happiness.
I love her.
I know she is just out
For a good time,
Only to enjoy herself.
As for me I now want
A girl who will treat
Me right.
Tis tiresome to be a
Bachelor and alone all
Of the time.
Just give me someone to
Love who is like her.

Darcy 4

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Tonight I feel so very
Much alone.
Just why this should be
So tonight I really do
Not know.
Could it be that for the
First time in a very
Long time I cooked myself
A real meal?
Not just a peanutbutter
And jelly sandwhich as I
Usually do.
Or did I want to share
The new discovery with
Someone that I found on
My new super-duper
Deluxe typewriter?
Could it be that I was
Listening to that old
Song that always
Reminds me of you?
Maybe it was the fact
That I sent you that
X-mass card last month?
The first words I’ve written
You in a year or more.
There was the prophecy in
The tabloid also,
That said an old love
Would return and you are
The only one I would
Want to return to me.
But then we were never
Lovers anyway.
Were we?

Darcy 5

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The head soars,
The heart flutters,
Chills fill the void.
Just the thought of
Seeing you again does
Things to me,
And I’m not even sure
What they are.
Look at that face in
The mirror,
Is that really mine?
The glow,
The sparlke,
I don’t believe it’s
Mine at all.
And all this just from
Talking to you on the
What will happen if we
Really meet?
What will happen if we
Really want each other?

Darcy 6

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The smiles of joy are
Tearing my cheeks
The cause I know and
Love with tremendous
They say that “When
Irish eyes are smiling
all the world is bright
and gay”.
But I’d put my smiling
Eyes against the Irish
The world is spinning
Way to fast.
I fear to let myself
Go to quickly cause I
Want it to last.
Darcy what am I to do
About you?
I love you and have
Wanted you for so long

Darcy 7

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Oh words don’t fail me
I need all the power I
Can get.
The twin of my being is
On the line.
And after so many years
I must bring her in
Each time she comes
Closer to the sharing
Of our lives.
This time she sounds so
Close that I tremble in
For I want her almost
More than anything slse.
I guess I feel that if I
Had Darcy all the rest
Would be nice,
But not necesary.
If she joins me it will
Be fulfilling to my
If she is again not
Well, someday she will.
She is my true love as
I am hers.
And time and space mean
Little to that love.
But damn it all.
I still want it all.
And I want it now!

Darcy 8

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Darcy call this very
For I will pay your
To here and home I’ll
If your time you will
I know our wants and
And here these we can
Today my mind you do
You I love and you I
Please do take these
To dream of the coming


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Runing scared from
The unknown.
The time moves so
Slowly forward.
Once I thought that
Love would come.
That time has passed
Unseen or heard.
High I became on the
Thoughts of it all.
Now lost thoughts
Return to haunt me.
How could I have been
So foolish again?
The good that could
Have been, wont.
Fear is the killer
Of all that’s good.
Would that I could
Kill the fear forever.
Love stays in its
Unconsummated state.
Doomed forever by the
Unfailing fear.
Futures of hope damned
By your fear.
I am so sorry that it
Must be as that.
I am learning that love
Doesn’t conquer all.
Love only conquers by
Destruction of hope.
In vain the quest
Continues ever onward.

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