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August 14, 2009


Genealogy, what a concept. Trace one ancestors back to the old country. And unless one is an American Indian, all of us go back to another country. So lets here none of the idea of “go back where you came from”! After all if you want to send people back, you would have to do the same. Doesn’t matter if you were born here, your ancestors at some point weren’t. As for my ancestors I have traced them back to before this was the United States of America. all except one who came over from Germany just before the Civil War. They come from Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Germany and all over Europe, they go back to the blue bloods of royalty. I guess I am as white a person as there is to be and haven’t got a prejudice bone in my body. Never understood the idea of prejudice, what is there to be prejudice about? Why are the Asians so prejudice against other Asians? Why are the Africans so prejudice against other Africans? For that matter why do different nations hate other nations? Religious differences I can understand one level, but to kill over those differences I do not understand.

Just what makes the white man so special that they think they are so much better than all other people? I would like to hear from the special ones, give me a reason that makes sense, just one. More if you got them, but one will do for a start.


post gone

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Well I had a real good post going the other day and some how hit some key on my computer and lost the whole damn thing. Needless to say I was pissed about it. So pissed I didn’t even try to write it again. How can one lose every written word? If any of you have ideas, let me know. Seems a shame to have a place to post that is able to lose the post with any trouble.

August 9, 2009

gold dredging in California

Well once again the uninformed public has won a battle that they know nothing about. In California they have put a stop to gold dredging. I was a gold dredger in California for some 15 years and had to fight the Department of Fish and Game for most of those 15 years about what dredging was doing to the river and the salmon fish. They did an environmental report which supposed to show just how bad it was for the fish, but that report never once proved anything bad was happening to the fish, in fact in many places it said it was doing some good for the fish. I went to meetings with the DFG and not one person there had ever dredged or been under the water to see what was going on. Not one of the people who had made the environmental report for DFG had either. Some of the data was years old. The words that kept coming up were; maybe, could, might, possible and so on, not one word that said YES, it is harmful to the fish. Well the miners beat the DFG that time, but it now seems they have lost out to the same scare tactics that were used back in the 80’s.

Strange that it is the Indians who have gotten this passed in Calif. It is the Indians who use gill nets  and catch thousands of salmon each year before they get to the spawning grounds. But do the Indians have to stop, not that I have heard of. They did stop the salmon fishing in most of the rivers in Calif, I understand, this at least saved thousands of more fish who could get to the spawning grounds, one good thing done for the fish. There are still the commercial fishermen out in the ocean who catch thousands of the salmon before they even get into the rivers, enough said about them. How many of the dams built in Calif. have fish ladders, not many I understand, so how can the salmon get up river without them, they can’t, but is anything being done about that? I have heard that Oregon is going to remove some its dams so  the salmon can return to there spawning grounds, be nice if Calif. would do the same. But I doubt that will ever happen.

There were and are mining laws from the Department of Fish and Game that wont allow the gold dredgers to dredge in spawning grounds already, no laws about fishermen walking in and over those same spawning grounds. There are season for dredging for almost every river in the country, so the fish wont be bothered during there spawning time, so how can dredging harm the fish if one is not dredging at that time. I used to mine on the Trinity River in Trinity County, Calif. were there was no season for dredging. But I was on the main river far from the spawning areas. I can say from experience that nothing I did ever stopped any salmon from getting passed me and on its way up river. Many of the salmon would rest in the holes I made under the water. Have always wondered as to how the environmentalists thought that dredging was causing stress to the fish, when it was ok to catch and release those fish. I would think that being hooked and fought until one is to tired to fight any more just might be a stressing thing to a fish. After all the fish need all of there strength to fight their way up rivers and streams to get to there spawning grounds, but I never once heard a thing about this from the DFG or the environmentalists.

There was talk about the turbidity of the water behind a dredge, turbidity is how much sediment is in the water. But Mother Nature on her own does fill the river with turbidity with the run off from heavy rains many times a year, even during the salmon runs. The Trinity dam lets go with a huge amount of sediment each year to keep the dam from filling up with the stuff, most often during the salmon run times.  One thing I can say for certain about dams and dredging, dams keep the rivers in a dead state by not allowing the needed water to clean out the sediment and turn in over and all around. The river bottoms become dead areas of movement, dredging at least turns this stuff over and gets it moving again just like natured intended. And yet the environmentalists and the DFG think that stopping dredging will save the salmon. Here I should mention just how much lead, from the fishermen lead weights and mercury left over from the 49’ers, is being removed by the gold dredgers, is there any other way this poison is being removed from our rivers? I believe there is something else going here, just what I am not sure, it could be that the big mining companies don’t want the competition from the small miners so they can get more money for their gold, after all if no small miners can get gold, there is just that much less on the market. Cannot say this the truth, but it does make sense, doesn’t it?

Enough for now on this subject, but if you want freedom to stay alive in this country, you had better help keep the small gold miners alive in the areas where you live. In all of California there were only some 3500 dredge permits issued and lots of those were people from out of state, that is not vary many for an entire state, just how much damage do they really think could be done by that amount? Come on folks, think, use those minds and look at the real facts on this subject. Dredging is good for the local economies and good for the rivers.

August 7, 2009

Army games

When I was a child I played kill-em army games with all the gear I could get my hands on, land mines included. At the age I am now, I have to wonder just how I got the idea it was cool to pretend killing  was ok. I know it came from all of the WWII movies I saw as a child, movies where they did not really show the horror of war. They made it out as if death was not so bad and it was good to be a hero. It took the Vietnam war to open my eyes to just how bad war really is. I am glad I was in the Navy and not the Army or Marines. I saw way to many maimed and hurting people in the news on TV and newspapers and magazines, plus the ones I saw while in the hospital after getting impaled by a forklift myself. Don’t know how many WWII vets suffered after that war or the vets from Korea either like the ones from Vietnam whose minds were disturbed by what they had done or seen. But it sure became a big issue in my time. It might have just as bad after those other two wars, but I was to young to know about that. But I see it happening now with the wars we are now fighting. It makes me think that it is the same for any and all wars. Have got to wonder if the video war games are as bad as the old WWII movies were in making war just a game and not a reality for the children of today.

The only movie I can remember that didn’t make war out to be cool was Gone With The Wind, it did show some of the horror of the aftermath of war, but again I just thought that is was a movie and not very real. It took the movies of the Vietnam war to start showing just how bad war is and could be, but children never believe what adults say to them it seems. After all, that was then and this is now, things are different today. Right, and when they grow up, then they know just how wrong that idea was. Why is it that all children seem to believe this way? I cannot think of anything that could have been said to me to make me think different than I did when I enlisted. I was planning on getting into McHales Navy, an old TV war comedy, that is what I had as an idea of what life was sort of going to be like in the Navy. Surprise, it wasn’t.

I have a hard time understanding just how the older folks who run countries can send their children off to fight in wars. I would think that having been in one themselves (or at least some of them) that the horror would be to much for them to take. We want to keep our children safe, yet will send them off to be maimed, psychologically harmed and killed. And mankind has been doing this for thousands of years, when will we ever learn that it the long run it does no good. I can see where there is a time to fight, but most wars have in my mind been for nothing real at all. It is time for the world to grow up.

August 6, 2009


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So many channels these days and there is nothing I want to watch. Sit-coms are too dumb for me, I quit watching those back when 3’s company was on. It was the same idea every week, misunderstandings of what what said or heard, it got boring. I think that maybe when I was a child the sit-coms were better, at least I remember them being so. They dealt with more of the things that go on in one daily life. Hate to say it but most TV these days is designed for mindless beings. Reality shows sure have no point to them, I don’t even see where they are entertainment at all. But there are sure a lot of them. I remember hearing that TV was designed for an 11 year old mentality even back when I was a child. I grew up with TV, starting back in the early 50’s, so have watched it change over the years. I am glad that we have stuff like the History channel and the Discovery channel, but I get tired of seeing the same shows that are years old being shown over and over again. I hate the monster hunts that never come up with any answers to the questions they are supposed to answer.  All in all, I am not a big TV watcher any more. Thank goodness I have video games to play.

Have been playing video games ever since pong came out and playing computer games since I had my Apple II E and a playstation 1. So I know a little about them also, sad I am not as young as I used to be though, for today one needs eye and hand coordination that I no longer have, just getting to slow in my old age. Oh well, I still enjoy the games when I find one I can play. Got to love the way the graphics are today over what used to be. To date the best game I have played is Oblivion, can’t believe the freedom of movement I have playing that game. It is what has been missing from games all of these years.

August 5, 2009


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Have always felt that to worry was and is a waste of time. But today I am uneasy as my wife who just had eye surgery last week is having problems. Yesterday when the stitch was removed, it didn’t come out as it should have and caused a problem, so today she must go back in for more surgery on that eye. Whether I worry or not, the out come will be the same. But still, it bothers me to want the best for her and knowing that nothing I do or want makes any difference.

To me worry is the cause of most of the illness we have in this country. Worry is stress and stress kills the mind and body. The body is or ought to be a finely tuned machine, start stressing that machine and parts start to brake down. Always loved that Adel Davis, a health nut about eating right to keep from getting cancer and such, died from cancer. Yule Kippens,(not sure how that name is spelled)  another health nut who said you could eat pine nuts all the time on TV also died from cancer. One of the Kellogg’s brothers, the one who was a health nut died I think from a heart attack. So much for being healthy. There are people who drink and smoke everyday of their lives and live to be a hundred, others walk out from passing a physcial with flying colors and die outside the doctors office.  I believe that the stress of worrying about keeping from getting cancer is what caused the cancer of those health nuts.

My sister is an ex-smoker and I never hear the end of her telling me Ishould quit. Our mother died from lung cancer, but she had quit smoking some 20 years or so before, so much for being healthier by quiting. Some say if it is in the genes you will get it. That is where worry and stress come into picture for me. When it shows up, you can stop worrying, there is nothing to worry about anymore, I guess one could start worry about how soon one might die though. But at least one doesn’t have to worry about getting cancer any more.

Worry can also go un-noticed in ones life. The day I told my brother that he had out lived our father, you could see the tension drop right out of his face and body. I don’t think he was even aware that he had that worry in him. I sure didn’t know it. But worry and tension can hide within and eat away at the life force of a person. So long ago I quit worrying about things as best I could. What happens will happen. I always hope for the best, expect the worst and accept what happens. Can’t really say it could have been worse, cause it wasn’t, can’t say it could have been better cause it wasn’t, it is as it is.

Have always wondered about those who pray to a god for the best out come and then don’t get it. If it goes right for them they can say a god answered their prayers, but what reason can they have for a god not answering that prayer? Does god think they are not worthy? Is it the plan for god to be taking a soul into heaven despite what the person or people praying want? God moves in mysterious ways is just a why of saying one doesn’t know and one can keep believing any how. Of course if one puts the out come in a gods hands, one need not worry about it, that at least is good for ones health I’d say. So I have found one good reason for the belief in a god.

One can fall from a three story building and live, one can fall off a foot stool and die, no rhyme or reason to it. When ones number is up, that is it. But I have to wonder about that. I had by-pass surgery some 11 years ago, so the question is, did I cheat death by doing that? Am I living on borrowed time? Considering the over all out come, I am not sure that death might not have been a better deal for me. Sure I have gotten to spend these many years with the woman I love, but the side effect I have to live with is mean to me. Before I had the surgery, I could handle the heat and cold of this world, now I cannot. I am trapped indoors most of the time because it is too hot or too cold for me to go out and do the things I used to do and still want to do. Alive, but a prisoner from living life, a fair trade? I had a choice at the time before the surgery. Spend what time the doctors thought I had left with my love or chance death on the table and lose that time, or do the surgery and have years with my love or lose her by dieing on the table. I tease my love with that, the old Chinese saying that if you save a persons life, you are responsible for that life. I did the operation because she wanted me to do it, she was willing to gamble my life away for a chance that she would have more years with me. Now to make this story a little more interesting, the time frame for this decision was less than 12 hours, the doctors didn’t I would last the night if didn’t have the surgery the next morning, I had a nurse with me all night just in case. How did I feel at the time, well I felt just fine, I couldn’t have said I had a problem in the world, no pain, no heart attacks, no nothing really to say I was about to die. But, I did have one completely closed main artery to the heart and one main 95% blocked off, I didn’t mess around with all of the little ones, just 2 of the 3 main ones. Anyhow, with that being the case, that is why the doctors thought I could go at any second, and bumped two people out of the way so I could have that surgery first the next morning.

Worry was not a part of that whole deal, either I live or I die, either way was alright with me once I decided to do it. Death does not scare me, It will be the end of my questions about ????? About what? Why we are here, is there a god or gods? Is there a point to all of this? I can only hope it might give me the answers, but no one knows, do they? Another reason for one not to worry, it really doesn’t really matter what is next, we have to go anyway, there is no choice about that. Sooner or later we will find out what’s on the other side of life. I am at this point not in a hurry to get there, I am still curious about what the human race will do next. I hope to see some growth in the mind set of mankind, but I doubt it. Still watching the History and Discovery Channels on TV gives me hope that man might yet grow up, for they do have shows about life and ask the questions that I ask. Be nice if they could really come up with some answers though.

A foot note here, just heard that my wife’s second eye surgery went just fine. So no “worry” there, it went as it went, lucky it was good, glad it was good too.

August 4, 2009

The fair sex?

Women are the fair sex? Women are the weaker sex? Women are the dumber sex? Just where did these ideas ever come from? Once upon a time, before men figured out that they were the reason women had children, women were the most important members of primitive tribes. Once the men got the idea that it was themselves alone who could father a child and know it was their own child, the importance of the woman fell. In order to make sure the child born was yours, one had to keep his female from being able to mate with any other male. Thus the idea of ownership of women by males. Seeing how any male could bring forth a child with any female, it made the male the now important one. One could only carry on the lineage through the male seed. The female now became the second sex, the one who really didn’t matter, for the male could continue his line with any female.

Today we know that more male children are born than females, but females survive better. For centuries males died earlier than females, of course now that may not be quite so true. The stress of life is much more equal now. Men are usually  much stronger than women when it come s to physical strength, so the label of the weaker sex comes into being. But it is known that women have a higher pain tolerance than men, as it is said, if men had to bare the children, the human race would die out. Men withstand pain by being macho about it. Women do it naturally.

Dumb women, just can’t understand the world, let us men who do run it. Right! Just another way men have tried to keep the female as the second sex in this world. Even in religion, women are considered less than men. Why? It gives validity to what men do. God made man first, so man is the most important. If god made man in his image, then god must be a male.  But why does a god who is the only god have to have a sexual identity? What point is having a male god if there is no female for him? If a god impregnates one of his children, is he a sexual deviant?  Any way, keeping women ignorant helps keep them in their place.

But why did  man have to make women second class people? Because deep down man knows he is just a weird copy of the female. The nipples thing, men have them but don’t need them, so why are they there? Always thought the creation story would have made more sense if Adam was made from Eve’s rib, that would at least account for the nipple thing in some way. Men know that females drive them crazy, they have to have one or more than one. It is women who give men their driving force to do things in the world.Women want the best provider to keep themselves and their children alive and well, so the man must do that if he wants a woman at his side. I think men are ashamed of their need for women and take it out on them for making them do things. I some times think that rape is just an extension of that feeling, the need to prove that the male is more important, the dominant one of the species. It is part of the need to keep the female in her place.

When it comes to listening to the way men talk and the way women talk, it is the female is who much more open, more vicious in comments about other people, more open about sexual feelings. Hell, in every way women are just more than men. Women communicate better than men, part of the reason they tend to be the child rears in most all of the animal kingdom, plus they are the ones who nurture the children. Any male can father a child, but only a mother can really raise one.

Well enough of my ramblings. The end idea is that I think man is the weaker and the second sex of the world, not woman. I have to wonder why it took so long for women to get the vote in this country, wonder why it is alright for men to have as much sex as they can get and women are labeled bad for the same feelings, the double standard. Why the country had to vote for women getting as much pay as men for the same job? How long is it going to take for humankind to grow up and see the world as it really is? A very long time I am afraid, as long as we have religions that keep women in a second class position. It is hard to argue with what people see as a gods plan, for who wants to argue with their god? After all the Bible says god said to Eve, “he shall rule over you” and god blamed Eve for mans exit from Eden, so do men still believe it. Even with the first so called people, it was woman who made man do things. Without the female, men have no reason to be. True it is the same for women, for without men they have no reason to be.

A strange after thought. There is a species of fish, that when dominant male dies, the dominant female turns into a male to take it place. Female into male, just the way I think it happened way back in the dawn of life on this world.

August 1, 2009


I have to say I am confused as to what a patriot is these days, hell have been ever since the Vietnam war. I severed in the Navy from 1966 to 1969, got spit on and yelled at by anti-war protester and yet a lot of us were writing things like ban the bomb on the 2,000 pound bombs we were sending to the aircraft carriers, I was on an ammunition ship for my first two years in the Navy. The confusion comes from trying to decide if it was unpatriotic to protest the war or if it was unpatriotic to put down the protesters, after all to protest is an American freedom that goes all the way back to our revolutionary beginnings. Would one say that our founding fathers were unpatriotic, not on your life it might be said, but then they certainly were. for they were not Americans then were they? Benedict Arnold is considered to be one of the worst traitors in this country, but he is and was a patriot to the British. He fought for his country. He just happened to be on the losing side.

So is it if you win or lose that makes you a patriot? I remember the saying “My country right or wrong, my country”, I always hated that saying. Yet the ones saying it thought they were being patriotic and all I could think of was the Germans during WWII who followed what their country was doing to the Jews at the time. That was “My country right or wrong, my country” to its limit. And the people of this country thought it was so wrong for them do have done that and it was those same people who were saying and thinking with the same mentally as those Germans.

The Patriot Act of this country, is it really patriotic? Again it reminds me of Germany before and during WWII, everyone spying on each other and most likely telling lies just to get someone you don’t like in trouble. Land of the Free, well maybe it was once, but its not to free these days. Even as I write this and then post it, some spy guy for the government will note what I have said here and that will make a mark in my FBI file. I am sure we all have one. So am I a patriot for wanting my country to free of the spying or a traitor for not wanting to stop terrorism by the ending of the spying? Just depends on which side of the fence one stands on I guess. I would be willing to bet our founding fathers would not be happy with way this country has been run up to this point. I believe they would start another revolution if they were here now. And the question is, would that be the patriotic thing to do?

July 31, 2009

Genesis 1 & 2

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Watched a show on the History Channel lat night about Genesis in the Bible. It mostly covered chapters 1 and 2. Why is it that the stuff I write about seems to covered on TV, but doesn’t really get any response in here? Do not any of you out there watch these kind of shows on the History Channel? If the subject of religion is good enough to be questionedon TV, why not here? Oh well, to the subject at hand.

The biggest thing about last nights was why are chapter 1 and 2 telling a different story about the time line of creation? And why is it that people who believe the story do not have a problem with the two different stories? Can’t say I heard a good answer from the people who gave their ideas about it. So was man made on the 6th day after all the rest was done, or were all the things alive made after Adam was made? The Bible says both happened, but which is it? It has to be one way or the other. And just when was Eve created? Also on the 6th day with Adam or later as an after thought? Why create male and female animals but not a female human? Wouldn’t Adam have gotten horny watching all the animals mating and him with the equipment to mate but no female to mate with? No wonder he got lonely.

The idea was put forth that Eve was the second human female made. Seeing how god created male and female humans at the same time in chapter 1 and her name was Lilith. I love the way people always try to make things up to fit the need for things to make sense. But I do not understand how when face with truth, people still refuse to change their minds. When faced with contradictions that cancel each other out, how can one still believe in the story of creation as presented in the Bible? If god gave us brains to use, why not use them? Is it so hard to believe that the Bible creation story is really any different than any other creation story from the old days of mankind? One has got to remember when all of these stories were made, so far in the past when man had no idea as to what was happening in the world he lived in. To keep believing in a story that has the world and life on it only being some 6,000 years old, come on, get real. To believe that the creatures that live on the earth today were the creatures god made at the creation and deny all of the proof of the past life we have found, really is beyond my comprehension as a human being.

July 30, 2009


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Just how stupid does one have to be to join a gang? Why in the world would one want to be a part of something that most likely will get you killed? Just how small do you have to feel to need a gang to make you feel like a big shot? And just how big are you really if you are just another member of some gang? Is killing someone the thing that makes you a man? Seems like it is more manly to not join a gang in this day and age. If having guts is what it is all about, it takes guts to say no to peer pressure. It takes guts to tell bullies to go to hell. Black, brown, white, green or orange, I don’t care what color ones skin is, we are all just human beings, no one better than the rest. Being in a gang does not and will not make someone a better person. To me it just shows how small a mind a gang member has. What ever happened to the freedom of choice we are supposed to have in this country, if the neighborhood gang makes you join? I have always found it ironic that the bullies of this world are the ones who have the most insecurities about who they are. I have always hated the saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”, what a sad way to feel. It seems to be the way of the world when it comes to gangs these days. I would like to know what happened to the pride of being an individual, it was one of the things that made this country what it is today, or can I say that anymore? Once I felt I could, but it has been many years since I felt that way. The only individuals who seem to be making a name for themselves these days are crooked politicians. I just hope our new president doesn’t get caught doing some thing wrong, but he is a politician and most of them seem to be crooked and out to get what they can from the American public. Politicians almost are a gang unto themselves it seems.

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