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October 24, 2009

Credit cards

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Well I just closed out a department store credit card a few moments ago and will close another one¬† very soon. When asked why I wanted to close my account I said because¬†you want 23.99% interest on what I owe you. I cannot understand why all of these credit card places are increasing the interest rates, it just makes me not want to use them and so the companies will be losing any money they might have made from me now. I have stopped using several of my other credit cards for the same reason. I am sure a lot of you are doing the same as I am. Seems to me if the credit card companies want to make money they should lower their rates so people would want to use them. But the rich just want to get richer and don’t care about the common people it seems. What are they going to do when the little people have no more money to give them? Start on each other? One day there will just one person with all of the money in the world, I wonder just what good it will that person?


August 14, 2009

post gone

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Well I had a real good post going the other day and some how hit some key on my computer and lost the whole damn thing. Needless to say I was pissed about it. So pissed I didn’t even try to write it again. How can one lose every written word? If any of you have ideas, let me know. Seems a shame to have a place to post that is able to lose the post with any trouble.

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