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August 4, 2009

The fair sex?

Women are the fair sex? Women are the weaker sex? Women are the dumber sex? Just where did these ideas ever come from? Once upon a time, before men figured out that they were the reason women had children, women were the most important members of primitive tribes. Once the men got the idea that it was themselves alone who could father a child and know it was their own child, the importance of the woman fell. In order to make sure the child born was yours, one had to keep his female from being able to mate with any other male. Thus the idea of ownership of women by males. Seeing how any male could bring forth a child with any female, it made the male the now important one. One could only carry on the lineage through the male seed. The female now became the second sex, the one who really didn’t matter, for the male could continue his line with any female.

Today we know that more male children are born than females, but females survive better. For centuries males died earlier than females, of course now that may not be quite so true. The stress of life is much more equal now. Men are usually  much stronger than women when it come s to physical strength, so the label of the weaker sex comes into being. But it is known that women have a higher pain tolerance than men, as it is said, if men had to bare the children, the human race would die out. Men withstand pain by being macho about it. Women do it naturally.

Dumb women, just can’t understand the world, let us men who do run it. Right! Just another way men have tried to keep the female as the second sex in this world. Even in religion, women are considered less than men. Why? It gives validity to what men do. God made man first, so man is the most important. If god made man in his image, then god must be a male.  But why does a god who is the only god have to have a sexual identity? What point is having a male god if there is no female for him? If a god impregnates one of his children, is he a sexual deviant?  Any way, keeping women ignorant helps keep them in their place.

But why did  man have to make women second class people? Because deep down man knows he is just a weird copy of the female. The nipples thing, men have them but don’t need them, so why are they there? Always thought the creation story would have made more sense if Adam was made from Eve’s rib, that would at least account for the nipple thing in some way. Men know that females drive them crazy, they have to have one or more than one. It is women who give men their driving force to do things in the world.Women want the best provider to keep themselves and their children alive and well, so the man must do that if he wants a woman at his side. I think men are ashamed of their need for women and take it out on them for making them do things. I some times think that rape is just an extension of that feeling, the need to prove that the male is more important, the dominant one of the species. It is part of the need to keep the female in her place.

When it comes to listening to the way men talk and the way women talk, it is the female is who much more open, more vicious in comments about other people, more open about sexual feelings. Hell, in every way women are just more than men. Women communicate better than men, part of the reason they tend to be the child rears in most all of the animal kingdom, plus they are the ones who nurture the children. Any male can father a child, but only a mother can really raise one.

Well enough of my ramblings. The end idea is that I think man is the weaker and the second sex of the world, not woman. I have to wonder why it took so long for women to get the vote in this country, wonder why it is alright for men to have as much sex as they can get and women are labeled bad for the same feelings, the double standard. Why the country had to vote for women getting as much pay as men for the same job? How long is it going to take for humankind to grow up and see the world as it really is? A very long time I am afraid, as long as we have religions that keep women in a second class position. It is hard to argue with what people see as a gods plan, for who wants to argue with their god? After all the Bible says god said to Eve, “he shall rule over you” and god blamed Eve for mans exit from Eden, so do men still believe it. Even with the first so called people, it was woman who made man do things. Without the female, men have no reason to be. True it is the same for women, for without men they have no reason to be.

A strange after thought. There is a species of fish, that when dominant male dies, the dominant female turns into a male to take it place. Female into male, just the way I think it happened way back in the dawn of life on this world.


July 31, 2009

Genesis 1 & 2

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Watched a show on the History Channel lat night about Genesis in the Bible. It mostly covered chapters 1 and 2. Why is it that the stuff I write about seems to covered on TV, but doesn’t really get any response in here? Do not any of you out there watch these kind of shows on the History Channel? If the subject of religion is good enough to be questionedon TV, why not here? Oh well, to the subject at hand.

The biggest thing about last nights was why are chapter 1 and 2 telling a different story about the time line of creation? And why is it that people who believe the story do not have a problem with the two different stories? Can’t say I heard a good answer from the people who gave their ideas about it. So was man made on the 6th day after all the rest was done, or were all the things alive made after Adam was made? The Bible says both happened, but which is it? It has to be one way or the other. And just when was Eve created? Also on the 6th day with Adam or later as an after thought? Why create male and female animals but not a female human? Wouldn’t Adam have gotten horny watching all the animals mating and him with the equipment to mate but no female to mate with? No wonder he got lonely.

The idea was put forth that Eve was the second human female made. Seeing how god created male and female humans at the same time in chapter 1 and her name was Lilith. I love the way people always try to make things up to fit the need for things to make sense. But I do not understand how when face with truth, people still refuse to change their minds. When faced with contradictions that cancel each other out, how can one still believe in the story of creation as presented in the Bible? If god gave us brains to use, why not use them? Is it so hard to believe that the Bible creation story is really any different than any other creation story from the old days of mankind? One has got to remember when all of these stories were made, so far in the past when man had no idea as to what was happening in the world he lived in. To keep believing in a story that has the world and life on it only being some 6,000 years old, come on, get real. To believe that the creatures that live on the earth today were the creatures god made at the creation and deny all of the proof of the past life we have found, really is beyond my comprehension as a human being.

July 18, 2009

a god mistake?

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Ok lets look at Cain and Able. The first children in the world. Here we have a case of jealousy that ends in death. Well god has jealous feelings and man was made in the image of god so if Cain was being like god in his feelings where is it wrong to be god like. We can’t have a god who says “Do as I say, not as I do”, it just wouldn’t be fair. But then god never is fair.  A fair god would not punish someones children unto the 3rd, 4th or 5th generation for something done by a parent. Kind of hard to want to worship a god if you were born to be punished for something you didn’t do. We as a people today would not allow a parent to act this way with children. But I wander off the subject of Cain and Able. So god favors Able, didn’t god think that this would make Cain jealous? Once again the all knowing didn’t know, or it was his plan to have Cain kill Able? If so Cain did what he was supposed to do, and if you do what god wants, how can you be in trouble for it?

People are always saying that god has called someone who has been killed. So if that soul was called to god, is the killer a bad person for sending the called one to god? Hard to decide just what is right and wrong in looking at the will of god this way. After all god has killed lots of people, the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah just to name two mass killings. Does that make god a psychopathic mass murderer? After all if any person did those things we would put them in jail or execute them. Again “Do as I say, not as I do” kind of thing. It is alright for a god to kill but not his followers. A double standard, no wonder man (not mankind, well mankind too) has one. Just think of all the preachers and priest who do just what they preach against. Just how are the people to follow when their god and religious leaders do not follow the so called rules?

Back to Cain who leaves his parents and go to Nod where he knew his wife. Ok not the first to ask this question nor will I be the last, but just where did the wife come from. If there are other people where did they come from? One of them other gods god is jealous of bring them forth like god did with Adam and Eve? God created Adam and Eve, no one else. Adam and Eve had only two children or at least the bible mentions no others. One cannot believe the story of Genesis hook line and sinker. Any person with a basic thought pattern should have said NO this is not a real thing. Is life so scary to people that they need this fairytale  in order to keep them going in this world? Are we still as dumb as the cavemen who didn’t know their world, yet?

Have we not learned enough about how the world works and its wonders to know the truth when it is right in front of us? Or are too many people just like the priest during the darkages and will not let any truth be heard because it would take away their belief system?  I see a billboard every time I come home from town that asks “Are they making a monkey out of you?”. I have to ask why is it up there, do they really think that will make people change their minds? Also I want to know do they (the ones who put up the billboard)  really want to be made into sheep? After all monkeys at least seem to think and sheep do not. But that is what religous leaders want, non thinking followers. After all do they not call their followers a flock and themselves sheperds? Sheep,strange term to use, think of fleecing, not only for wool but the word is also used to describe taking money from people and preachers seem to do a lot of that.

Well enough ideas to think about for today.

July 16, 2009

god was thinking?

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In the beginning we are supposed to have just people, Adam and Eve. Inocent people who know no evil stuff. Sounds good doesn’t it. But I have a question or two about this good and evil stuff. Where did evil come from if there was only god around? How can there be good or evil if there is only one thing in the universe? Who was to judge if anything was good or evil? Did god judge itself? And how would it decide what was good or evil if there was nothing around to do good or evil with? Any how back to Adam and Eve, who are living in the Garden of Eden, where they needed for nothing it seems. Now why did god place a tree of knowledge in the garden and tell them not to eat of it? We as adults know that if you tell a child not to something, they will do it. God didn’t know this? The first two people who knew nothing about right and wrong are given a temptation by an supposedly all knowing god who ought to have know better in the first place and what happens? Of course they did what they weren’t supposed to do. Who really is at fault here? If you don’t want a child to mess with something, don’t put it where they can get to it. Did god need to put that tree in the garden? I think not. Just think what might have happened if it wasn’t there. A world full of naked happy people. Of couse I have to wonder if the garden would have been big enough to hold a world full of people. And that thought I have never heard anyone ever wonder about.  So what do you think, was god wrong to place that tree in the garden? Did the all knowing god know what would happen? If there is a plan for mankind according to many, then it was supposed to happen. If was supposed to happen why punish Adam and Eve for doing what was planned? Seems like they did just what god wanted, shouldn’t they have been rewarded for following the plan? And if there wasn’t a plan, couldn’t god just have started over and do it right the second time? If god is all knowing, just how did god make a mistake in the first place? So many questions? No answers. Again I have to wonder just how come so many people believe in this story as being true.

Knowing what we know about the breeding of animals, we know that if the same two animals and their off spring keep inbreeding the aminals will get to weak to support a viable stock. Mankind is an animal, so if it wont work for the rest of the animal world, it wont and doesn’t work for mankind and yet so many people still believe we started from Adam and Eve. Again a knowing god would have know this, but didn’t seem to know did it?  I will leave you with that thought for now.

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