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January 2, 2010

Credit Card Revolution

Ok folks, it is time we as a nation and all others in the world also, start a Credit Card Revolution against the banks and all places that provide Credit Cards. We need to stop using them all until the Credit Cards issuers lower the APR to less than 5%. All of the Credit Card Companies have screwed us by rasing the APR so much in the recent past, that it is time we screwed them back. I for one have almost stopped using any of my cards, unless I can pay back the amount charged on the next bill. I have even closed a few of my accounts because the APR is now to high and told the card company why I was closing the account.  If the Credit Card Companies start losing some real money because what they have done to us as users of the cards, they just might start to really care about what they are doing.

So I ask you all to stop using your Credit Cards and to tell your friends and neighbors to stop using theirs and pass the word around the World about the Credit Card Revolution I am trying to start here. Just maybe we can change the way the Banks and Credit Card Companies are doing business these days. It is plain to see that our Governments are doing anything to take care of us on this issue, so it is up to us, the people of the world to make a change. We can do it, there are so many of us that the Banks and Credit Card Companies must respond if we all stop making money for them.

So be part of the solution and not part of the problem, and be sure to pass the word to all.

July 5, 2009


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Can I learn not to love you?
Can I learn not to want to be
Around you?
Will you call tonight?
That is a bigger question to
Me right now.
What does it mean if you call?
What does it mean if you don’t?
What do I do about either?
I begin to believe that my
Feelings really do not mean
Anything to you at all.
I have no idea of how to act
With you anymore.
Damn that one for opening
Her mouth.
Things were going nicely I
Thought until then.
Now I have no idea at all.
I am lost and have no where
To turn nor anyone to talk too.
About what is happening.
Again I must ask myself,
Can I learn not to love you?

July 2, 2009

Final Words

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And with these last
Returnings ends all
The past.
But be it known to
You that my love will
Always last.
This short affair can
Be like a mirrored pool.
To show you that you
Need not always play
The fool.
You are good,
Sweet and of the loving
Waste not your
Affections on just any
Old find.
Seek out one who will
Love you for being just
For you are well worth
Getting all the best
There is too.
So fare thee well my
Beautiful and
Wonderful dear.
May you live and love
In the future without
Any fear.
Remember that out
There somewhere is
Someone who will love
You right.
May all the rest of
Your days be shinny
And Bright.

June 26, 2009


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Walking through the halls
Of my loneliness.
I hear the echos of past
Feelings ever repeating.
The longing of love sought
Over the years.
This does make me hard and
Yet, also sensitive.
So on I must go until I
Find that which is me.

June 22, 2009

Little Things

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Crying in my sleep this
While dreaming of you,
Only to wake up crying
From the same dream.
Spent the day
Remembering little
Things of no real
But mean a lot in away.
Like shopping for the
Faucet for the shower.
Buying tables and
Chairs for the house.
Building our bed,
Looking for lamps.
Lots of other things
That we have done
That really do mean a
Lot to me.
Going to zoos,
Thankgivings spent at
Ship Ashore,
And a million more
Little things like that,
All adding up to three
Little words.
Yes Deborah,

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