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December 18, 2009

Pop singers today

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Maybe it is just that I am getting older and don’t hear as well as I used to, but how can anyone hear what is being sung by the singers today when the music is louder than the song being sung? Or is it  that the singers today are not as good as the ones used to be and want their voice drowned out so no one knows just how bad they are singing really is? And what happened to the words being able to be understood when they were sung? Don’t remember slurring words being part of singing. Hate to say it but it is also becoming true of country music as well these days. If I want to hear music that is what I listen to, if I want a song, I want to hear and understand it.

Tiger Woods

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Ok who really cares just how many women Tiger is getting? What does it have to do with how good a golfer he is? His golf is important, his love life is not. Get your noses out of his business. Ha isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done by damn near every one any how.

December 17, 2009

Banks and Surveys

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Why is it that the banks today are trying to screw the people who make the happen? I tried to refinance my single wide mobile home this year and was about to get it closed when all of a sudden the bank decided that they were not going to finance single wides any more. Why I wonder did they do this? They wont make any money out of it? This I doubt as there are so many of us who own single wides and what will happen when it comes time to sell them? What will banks do when the people get tired of paying the higher interest rates they have forced us to pay now and we all quit using our credit cards? The more the banks screw us the less people will use them and the more money they will lose. This is true for credit card companies and yet they are doing this to us. Does no one have any idea of what their future is going to be like when the people revolt against them and say no more to the banks and credit card companies? What is being taught in our business schools that let our country get into the mess it is in these days? When did we as a country not care about our country and only about the money we can steal from the people in it? How can you make more money after you have taken everyone’s money? How can you make money when no one has a job here to buy anything after sending all the jobs to some other country? When did making money for oneself become more important than what happens to other people? When did humanity die in this country? Not sure, but unless you seem to have a lot of money these days, you might not be considered even part of this country anymore. I even notice that in taking surveys, that I don’t get to take a lot of them when I put in my yearly income, guess my opinion is not worth knowing because I don’t make enough money to count anymore. So the only opinions that are going to count in this new world are those of who have money and they are the ones who are making the surveys. Now they can get the opinions to go the way they want, so they say what they want. Just like the banks are doing with the people the will do business with, you got money, welcome, not enough, goodbye sucker! Wake up you big money makers, the little people are the geese that lays them golden eggs, kill us and you lose your income, kill us and then what will you do?

July 28, 2009

Pain of belief

Just posted  at blogher and got to thinking about what I had to say about christian hypocrisies and a person I knew many years ago who went to therapy because she had big problems with her faith and what she felt and wanted to do. Now this young woman was brought up as a Catholic and believed all of the things she felt and wanted to do would condemn her to Hell. The world in the late 60’s and early 70’s was the time of hippies and free love and free thought, time to question everything there was about the life we were living. She wanted to be free to partake of this new world, but she felt so bad every time she did that it was driving her crazy with guilt. I always thought one was supposed to feel good about believing in a god, but here was just one case where belief caused pain. I know there are many more people like her out there in the world, for I have met many, shall we call them ex-catholics, who gave up that belief system for one reason or another. Most did not stop believing in a god, just the one the Catholics were pushing. I am glad to say that I keep hearing little tidbits that the Catholic Church is starting to open up its thought pattern about the world.

I just had a thought on the pain of belief. I knew my mother for 40 years and I never knew what she believed about god or gods, the subject never came up that I can remember. But when I joined the Navy at 17 and she had to sign the papers saying I could, she put down that my religion was one of the christian faiths. I do not remember which one, but I did ask her why she did that. She said that it just seemed like a good idea so no one would bother me about our lack of religion. I guess she did not want me to feel any pain of religion by not having any. Strange that while in boot-camp, going to religious services was mandatory for all. I wonder if I had had no religion on my papers if I could have gotten out of it? As it was, by taking the watch for others who wanted to go, I only had to go twice in the 3 months I was there. Odd as to why I remember that. I guess my personality disorder was active then and (hell it was from birth really) getting out of having to something I did not want to do meant something to me.

I do not know what happened with the young woman I was talking about, I hope she resolved her problems and lived a happy life one way or another. But I brought it up to show that having faith in the fairytale of god and gods is not always a good thing for some people.

July 23, 2009

sad thought

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Yup like I thought, mindless souls bloging their useless lives away. Not thinking just doing. Try to stimulate the mind and like children they turn their heads and look away and yawn. I was afraid I might find this when I started here, didn’t think it would happen so soon. Had hope people would really respond to my views on god and gods, but wrong. Guess I was just kidding myself again. Sort of like I did every time I thought I had found the right girl to love. Oh well, I have other ideas I want to get out to the world and will do so, even if no one reads them. At least I can say I tried.

Life ramblings

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This routine of post daily is not going to be an easy routine to get into. I have never really thought my life was something special, though there are others who have thought so. Had a friend once many years who was going to write a book with me as the main character, until I did something he disaproved of. End of that story.Lets see just what have I done that could be thought of as special. Kicked out of high school for not going to high school, not sure that ever made any sense. Kicked out of the Navy for drugs back in the 60’s, nothing special there, there were thousands of us who got caught up in the drugs and war protest of the 60’s. Have to say it, I was a damn fine sailor, but a lousy navy-man. Lets see lost every job I ever had, had a wife who left me for another man. Ok before you get a the idea I was a bad person lets explain some of these things and why they happened.

To start off with I discovered after my wife left that I have a personality disorder. I am one of those people who cannot follow orders, if am told to do it I just fight back at some point. No control over that, at least less than I would like to have. So I am very independent, try to do things that don’t involve others to much. Back in my days of high school they changed the rules in my JR. year by having speech for a quarter of the semester mandatory. Needles to say I don’t like to get up in front of people, not them and not today either, So I would ditch the class or the whole day sometimes. Net result, got that kick out for not going to that speech class. I did finish some years later, for what ever that is or was worth.

The Navy, oh boy not even sure where to start with that story. Lets see, won the academic award in boot camp and wasn’t smart enough to get to go to any of the schools that were offered. Was sent to an ammunition ship doing a tour of duty off the coast of Viet Nam. First thing I see coming on board was some guys kicking shells overboard for no other reason than they were bored. So much for the safty classes about ammunition learned in boot camp. Learned not to worry about the fires that happened almost everyday, after all if the ship blows up there wont be anything left for anyone to find. There was one ammunition ship that did blow up, they did find the anchor some 11 miles or so away in the side of a mountain. Anyhow one soon learns that ones life is not worth much and really stops thinking about dying, one has to live while one is still alive. Second month on board that ship I got impaled by a forklift. Why, well the main reason was that the Naval officer in charge of my division didn’t get around to ordering non-skid material for the deck we worked on, it just had smooth paint. Add a big storm at sea which caused the ship to sway from side to side and nothing on the deck to help keep that forklift stable and it came sliding right into me. Again another lesson in why worry about dying. The pains that accident cause me to have for years didn’t seem important enough to the Navy to discharge me. My knuckles would turn white from holding on to things as the pains swept though me. Another time I asked a fellow sailor if he had turned off the power to some lights that I had to change the bulbs in, he said he had, in the heat of that area off Viet Nam ones hands sweat and the sweat driped down into the light socket of the bulb I was turning and zap I am being electrocuted. I could not turn loose of the bulb, all I could do was to try and throw that light unit which weight some few pounds hoping that the sweat would act like a lubricant and slide off my hands, luckly it did. Again my life is not seeming to be worth much in the scheme of things. Now also being surrounded by other and older sailors who drank and were doing drugs, is it any wonder I got into it? Hell I figured I could die anyday why not have some fun and take my mind off what was round me. Was that an excuse to get into drugs? Now I would no, but back then I was only 17, and not a very smart 17 either.
Now there was a time when there was a thing called the Laried directive (not sure about the spelling on that) and it stated any person discharged for drug use was to get an automatic upgrade in their discharge. I had the number on my discharge which was the one needed for that upgrade, did I get it? NO! I got to be the first person to have his discharge review at Treasure Island Naval base in Calif, and I got the admiral of that base on my review board. A note here, he was allowed to be on any other reviews after that. This admiral talked of the seas being full of dead sailors in WW II and kept asking  my lawyer who was a female why she wasn’t home having babies. Think his other board members who were part of that naval base might have not wanted to cross him? Any how, I was turned down for that upgrade. The Navy has managed to lose almost all of my records so it is just my word against, well no one now. But there is no longer any proof of my service, except my courtmartials and such. No medical records either, though the Navy did say that if my back goes out, due to that forklift thing, I could go to a VA hospital for it. Like I said, I was a very good sailor, but a bad navy-man. If not mentioned somewhere else I was awarded for saving a mans life. But no proof of that exists. Anyhow long story into short, my entire navy time was like that, Murphy’s Law ruled my Navy time from the day I went in to the day I got out. It didn’t do anything to help my views of life or the world or people. By the way, the Navy did know that I had mental proplems, one of their own psychologist made note of it in my medical records. I always wondered why no one ever bothered do to something about that. If I was unfit mentaly, they should have let me go and not stay in for another year or so. Their incompetence, And I paid the price for it. Today I am on disability for the personality disorder I had even back then and have disability card I carry when I drive because of my back from that forklift accident in 1965. No I haven’t gone near a VA hosiptal, have heard to many horror stories from to many Viet Nam vets to try it. For that matter not hearing any good stories about our vets and the VA from the war we have going on now and the last one for that matter. The Bush wars I call them.

Lost jobs? Lets just say if I have done what I have been told to do, I am not going to make myself look busy just so I wont have to do something else. I didn’t waste my time, I did my job. But bosses don’t like it when people stand around doing nothing, I was told more than once to slow down and not work so fast. Sorry it was not my nature and I paid for it by bring fired many times. I also speak my mind on things, bosses don’t like that either. It got me courtmartialed once in the Navy because I did that. A note here one of those Navy review board members was a friend of the officer I told off and he couldn’t believe that his friend would courtmartial me for that, so much for the truth. By the way I learned telling the truth in the Navy was a bad idea, I found someones wallet once and turn it in so he could have it back. I got accused of being the the who took it, I told that officer what I thought of him told him if I ever find another wallet I would throw it over board, it wan’t worth be honest.

Other jobs I have had, well I was an artist for some years making metal scluptures, worked in an art metal foundry for a good number of years, pieces I helped make are still I believe are or may be in one of the Bart stations in San Franisco, maybe they are, don’t really know as that was some 30 years ago. Of the metal scluptures I made I did ship some them around the world. So my art work was international, sounds good doesn’t it? Really only a few made it out of the country. Some used to and may still hang in some of the big office buildings in Los Angeles. Even had some in the big decorating places in Beverly Hill, Calif. But the market for metal scluptures stopped and I needed to make money and moved on. Worked for a big laser company for awhile as an applications engineer, until I told my boss off about the way he was running the lab and his ideas on the way to do things and treat customers. Ended up mining for gold in Northern California for some 15 years. Had my own mining claims, didn’t get rich, but made enough to make it pay for irself as something to do. Had to quit thought. Needed by-pass heart surgery and for some unknown reason it caused me to become overly sensitive to heat and cold. They say everybody who has had it has some unknown change in their life, no one knows why this happens, it just does. For me like I said it was the way I delt with the heat and the cold. Where I mined it got into the 100’s in the summer and it seemed we only had two seasons so no more mining during the summer months, Winter being our other season now was to cold for me, I was stuck indoors almost all year, Can’t do gold minning like that. And that change is still with me after some 12 years, I still cannot handle the heat or the cold, stuck having to have temps between 70 and 75 Degrees. I hate it. But when the blood begins to feel like it is boiling and the tingles start in my neck, I say ok I quit, I will go indoors. And I do start to get very cold when it gets below 70, got to find a warm spot or I start to shiver. What fun life is sometimes. Oh well I could be dead I guess, Hell it might be a better deal, but who knows.

Well think I got carried away with routines or not routines, that hot and cold thing is a bad routine, but I deal with it as I have too. Hope any who read this enjoyed the ramblings. Maybe I will ramble some more tomorrow, check in and see.

July 15, 2009

God and gods 1

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God and gods, what a concept. I would like to know just when mankind decided it needed that concept. Long ago when mankind knew nothing about the world it lived in, I can see that one would wonder how things happen. I can see mankind being like a child without a teacher believing that some great power must be doing all the things that happen. I can see mankind looking at itself and seeing that just as they have different talents at doing different things, the powers must be the same way. A power that controls each of the different things that happen, like the rain, the wind, things that grow in the earth, that cause the animals to move from place to another and so on and so on. Okay, gods are now invented, next step.

 One person thinks, if I can convince the other people that I can talk to the gods and can get favors from the gods, then the people will have to come to me and do what I say. I am now the priest who knows what the gods want and need to grant favors to mankind. I cannot let another have this power for I will lose my own if I do. So my way is the only right and true way there is, and I will fight and kill any who differ from my way. Religion is now invented, next step.

Ok we have religion, we need a priest for each power. But people do get tired of having to do the same things over and over again and having so many gods to do things for in order to have things in life, gets in the way of doing things in life. So mankind decided that one god is easier than many and if only one day is needed to worship that god I have more days free for the things I need to do. Ok one god is invented.

Nice idea but as we all know, each group of people thinks that they are the best group, the smartest and so on and so on. No two people really ever think just alike, feel just alike or even want the same things in their life. So we have a problem with just one god and one religion. There is nothing to be done except to change the rules so I can do what I want and still be right. This is why we so so many different factions in religion. Even why we have so many different religions. And each group has to think they are right and would and did fight to prove it. We are still fighting to prove what we believe is the truth and only right way there is. Just check out history, the world is full of this proof.

Ok people, time to grow up. There can be no one god who has the only right way to live. People are just too different for this to happen. Pull your heads out of the sand and look at the world, religion has caused more death and war than just about anything else. And you still want to believe that this is right for mankind? That all others must believe as you do. Hell your next door neighbor most likely go to a different church than you do, so should you kill him? Kill him just to prove that your way is the only right and true way?

Ok one thought posted here, more to come. Much more!

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