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January 2, 2010

Credit Card Revolution

Ok folks, it is time we as a nation and all others in the world also, start a Credit Card Revolution against the banks and all places that provide Credit Cards. We need to stop using them all until the Credit Cards issuers lower the APR to less than 5%. All of the Credit Card Companies have screwed us by rasing the APR so much in the recent past, that it is time we screwed them back. I for one have almost stopped using any of my cards, unless I can pay back the amount charged on the next bill. I have even closed a few of my accounts because the APR is now to high and told the card company why I was closing the account.  If the Credit Card Companies start losing some real money because what they have done to us as users of the cards, they just might start to really care about what they are doing.

So I ask you all to stop using your Credit Cards and to tell your friends and neighbors to stop using theirs and pass the word around the World about the Credit Card Revolution I am trying to start here. Just maybe we can change the way the Banks and Credit Card Companies are doing business these days. It is plain to see that our Governments are doing anything to take care of us on this issue, so it is up to us, the people of the world to make a change. We can do it, there are so many of us that the Banks and Credit Card Companies must respond if we all stop making money for them.

So be part of the solution and not part of the problem, and be sure to pass the word to all.

December 18, 2009

Tiger Woods

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Ok who really cares just how many women Tiger is getting? What does it have to do with how good a golfer he is? His golf is important, his love life is not. Get your noses out of his business. Ha isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done by damn near every one any how.

December 17, 2009

Banks and Surveys

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Why is it that the banks today are trying to screw the people who make the happen? I tried to refinance my single wide mobile home this year and was about to get it closed when all of a sudden the bank decided that they were not going to finance single wides any more. Why I wonder did they do this? They wont make any money out of it? This I doubt as there are so many of us who own single wides and what will happen when it comes time to sell them? What will banks do when the people get tired of paying the higher interest rates they have forced us to pay now and we all quit using our credit cards? The more the banks screw us the less people will use them and the more money they will lose. This is true for credit card companies and yet they are doing this to us. Does no one have any idea of what their future is going to be like when the people revolt against them and say no more to the banks and credit card companies? What is being taught in our business schools that let our country get into the mess it is in these days? When did we as a country not care about our country and only about the money we can steal from the people in it? How can you make more money after you have taken everyone’s money? How can you make money when no one has a job here to buy anything after sending all the jobs to some other country? When did making money for oneself become more important than what happens to other people? When did humanity die in this country? Not sure, but unless you seem to have a lot of money these days, you might not be considered even part of this country anymore. I even notice that in taking surveys, that I don’t get to take a lot of them when I put in my yearly income, guess my opinion is not worth knowing because I don’t make enough money to count anymore. So the only opinions that are going to count in this new world are those of who have money and they are the ones who are making the surveys. Now they can get the opinions to go the way they want, so they say what they want. Just like the banks are doing with the people the will do business with, you got money, welcome, not enough, goodbye sucker! Wake up you big money makers, the little people are the geese that lays them golden eggs, kill us and you lose your income, kill us and then what will you do?

October 24, 2009

Credit cards

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Well I just closed out a department store credit card a few moments ago and will close another one  very soon. When asked why I wanted to close my account I said because you want 23.99% interest on what I owe you. I cannot understand why all of these credit card places are increasing the interest rates, it just makes me not want to use them and so the companies will be losing any money they might have made from me now. I have stopped using several of my other credit cards for the same reason. I am sure a lot of you are doing the same as I am. Seems to me if the credit card companies want to make money they should lower their rates so people would want to use them. But the rich just want to get richer and don’t care about the common people it seems. What are they going to do when the little people have no more money to give them? Start on each other? One day there will just one person with all of the money in the world, I wonder just what good it will that person?

July 21, 2009

Peoples thoughts

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Well I can see from the way my clicks have dropped that not many of of you out there are interested in god and gods and religius ideas. Just a bunch of non thinkers, the kind I am writing about I guess. Don’t think, don’t ask questions, don’t rock the boat. Poems about love and pain you like, why is that I wonder? Oh well, I have always known that you can’t change a sheep into something else. The mindless will stay the mindless and go to their graves without a real thought ever having been thought. Congratulations, you have made your religious leaders very proud. They can keep their jobs for awhile longer. Sad though, I had hoped that in this day and age there might some who were learning the truth about the world.

July 14, 2009

Post Script

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Post Script

Though these are the last three poems, that was one more that said good-bye to this last lost love. It was set a drift upon a river in a little box and I watched it go down the river until it could be seen no more.  I sent my heart and soul with it and that ended it all. I do not remember what it said nor do I want to.

I Think Not

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Twin of my soul?
I think not.
If it were true,
You would know what
I feel and care about
Those feelings.
But you do not even
Give me looks that
Acknowledge that I
Am even in your
Do you hope that I
Will some how
Disappear from your
I have no idea as to
What you are even
Thinking or feeling.
I find that I haven’t
A clue at to who you
Are now.
I wish I could seperate
The dream I fell in
Love with from the
Person I now see.

Love Is Not

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Stop writing Asshole!
It is time to ignore
That which ignores
Set your heart free.
If it wanted you,
You would have it.
Love is not for you.
Forget that such a
Thing exist.
It is all just a
Someday it will be


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Must stop
This writing.
Until this love
Is reciprocated.
I do not give a damn
About what I feel
If it is not.

I Must Maintain

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I must maintain my distance.
For I know you will try it
Again with —.
I know he will try to be better
This time.
I know he will fail to live up
To what you want.
Will you then wonder if I can
Be what you have dreamed of?
You set your men up to fail.
Will you try to do that with me?
I will not play games with you.
As much as you are able to
Weaken my defences,
I am strong enough still to be
Who I am at heart.

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