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August 21, 2009


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Got all of 8 views on my post about Salmon fishing and gold dredging. Not one comment. Does no one care about freedom any more? Or is it a freedom that none of you who are in here care about? Too busy posting and bloging to worry about what goes on outside your own little world I guess. True there are not many people who still hunt for gold in this country, but it sure would be a shame to lose one of the freedoms that made this country happen. Don’t know if the governor of Calif. will read the message I sent him, but I did as I said I would do, I also sent one to that county that I would said I would do. If you need to know what I am posting about, look at the post before this one.


August 19, 2009

Dredging and Salmon

Well Well, Looking here people. The Governor of Calif. has stopped dredging in Calif to help protect the Salmon fish. But there is an add I saw today where Del Norte County is allowing Salmon fishing off it coast line. They even want you to go to www.exploredelnorte.com and see what they have to offer. How is it that, that county in Calif. can allow the fishing of Salmon when everyone is worried about what a little dredging might do. Seems to me if people can catch the damn fish and kill them for eating, they are not in too much danger. So what is the real reason dredging has been stopped? It can’t be for the fishes sake can it? Please, anyone who reads this, send a message to the Governor of Calif. and tell him how screwed up this is. Also send a message to Del Norte County and tell them you don’t think it is fair to the gold dredgers to allow Salmon fishing. For every one caught, there is one less to reproduce the species. Can’t get more fish to spawn if they are being caught and not allowed to go up the rivers. I am sending my messages today just as soon as I finish this post.

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