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July 16, 2009

god was thinking?

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In the beginning we are supposed to have just people, Adam and Eve. Inocent people who know no evil stuff. Sounds good doesn’t it. But I have a question or two about this good and evil stuff. Where did evil come from if there was only god around? How can there be good or evil if there is only one thing in the universe? Who was to judge if anything was good or evil? Did god judge itself? And how would it decide what was good or evil if there was nothing around to do good or evil with? Any how back to Adam and Eve, who are living in the Garden of Eden, where they needed for nothing it seems. Now why did god place a tree of knowledge in the garden and tell them not to eat of it? We as adults know that if you tell a child not to something, they will do it. God didn’t know this? The first two people who knew nothing about right and wrong are given a temptation by an supposedly all knowing god who ought to have know better in the first place and what happens? Of course they did what they weren’t supposed to do. Who really is at fault here? If you don’t want a child to mess with something, don’t put it where they can get to it. Did god need to put that tree in the garden? I think not. Just think what might have happened if it wasn’t there. A world full of naked happy people. Of couse I have to wonder if the garden would have been big enough to hold a world full of people. And that thought I have never heard anyone ever wonder about.  So what do you think, was god wrong to place that tree in the garden? Did the all knowing god know what would happen? If there is a plan for mankind according to many, then it was supposed to happen. If was supposed to happen why punish Adam and Eve for doing what was planned? Seems like they did just what god wanted, shouldn’t they have been rewarded for following the plan? And if there wasn’t a plan, couldn’t god just have started over and do it right the second time? If god is all knowing, just how did god make a mistake in the first place? So many questions? No answers. Again I have to wonder just how come so many people believe in this story as being true.

Knowing what we know about the breeding of animals, we know that if the same two animals and their off spring keep inbreeding the aminals will get to weak to support a viable stock. Mankind is an animal, so if it wont work for the rest of the animal world, it wont and doesn’t work for mankind and yet so many people still believe we started from Adam and Eve. Again a knowing god would have know this, but didn’t seem to know did it?  I will leave you with that thought for now.

May 27, 2009

Hello world!

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Here starts the beginning of Dansideas, you will find poetry, certificates of all kinds and my thoughts and ideas on the world in general. Enjoy it as you will.

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