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June 22, 2009

Just Another Day

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Oh how I hate the night,
For I long to reach for
You and hold you tight.
Too show you my love
With all my might.
But I sleep alone,
Alone in my fright,
To wait for day and
The light.
Only again to start,
Afresh my endless blight.
For without you there,
There can be no delight.
Just another day to kill,
Until twilight.

But My Dear

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Like a vampire you
Sucked me dry,
Like an empty husk
I was left here to die.
We let our love slowly
What a price to have
To have known a little
I now will forever miss.
True it wasn’t always
Good or bad,
But My Dear,
It was all I had.
It makes no difference
Now anyway,
For like a dove,
You have flown away.
Even now I know it’s
Too late,
But My Dear,
I will always wait.
For you are the world
To me,
And only with you,
Can I be free.

A House, A Home

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There stands the house,
All alone,
Naked and white.
A “For Sale” sign out
Front looking like a
You could say the house
Is a tomb,
For inside lie the
Memories of us.
Once it lived,
Now it’s dead.
No more can I look upon
It’s bleakness.
To it we came with hope
Of the future,
When you left,
So did hope.
The home has become a
Hollow house of walls.
Quiet and somber it died.
May who ever owns it next
Bring it back to life,
For a house is just an
Empty shell,
Without love to make it
A home.

A Smile

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No more,
No more,
It is over and done.
Now I sit here and die.
And you walk away with
A smile.


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I sure miss my lover,
Miss her more everyday.
Being lonely is the
Saddest thing I know.
The momments of saddness
Bring the tears to fall
Down my face.
Knowing no roads lead
Back to my lover,
Makes my life even
Sadder and lonelier
Than before,
With each,
And every,
Passing second.

Spirits Baying

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Once again in the wee
Small hours of the night,
I begin to write my
Spirits baying to the moon.
Smoking the last
Cigarette of the day,
Trying to get
Comfortable in the bed,
The bed now so empty.
Listening to the ever
Blowing wind chime,
Tinkling a mournful
Sound of loneliness.
Leaves rustling through
The now empty places
Of me,
You once filled.

Just A House

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Damn this depressing
When I am gone,
I long for it.
When I am here,
I can’t stand it.
Tis due to hoping that
When I arrive home
You will be here.
But you are not.
Hell is what I call it.
Hell is what you called
It when you were here.
And all it is,
Is just a house,
A house that wasn’t
A home.

Cold Winds

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As the clouds come
And hide the sun,
Cold winds begin to
Blow the warmth away.
Then driving rains come,
Drowning the earth
In a flood.
This is the way you
Left me.

Is There Nothing?

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Wanting you is the only
Thing that comes to my
That and missing you,
And loving you.
It is hard to love
Someone who no longer
Loves you anymore.
Why doesn’t anyone
Understand that you
Do mean that much to me.
Why do they all say
Forget it,
Don’t worry about it?
I guess none of my
Friends have loved in
The same way that I do.
And the sad part is,
That you don’t either.
Is there nothing I can do,
Other than to keep on
Feeling lost and alone,
Now that you are gone?

One Thought

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Will it never end,
This crying over lost
Spending sleepless
Nights alone,
Days spent in anger,
Again the pills I must
Take to calm me down
To a level where I
Can function.
More pills at night,
Plus alcohol to drug
Myself to sleep,
Hoping for a night
Without dreams of you.
Oh how I long for your
To be in Hell with you,
Is better than Hell
Without you.
I shall never find
Another who can do for me,
What you alone can do.

Hear the songs of the
Broken hearted lovers,
Lamenting for their
Lost loved ones,
Ones never to return
To the ones who love
Them the most.
I may never give you
What your new lover
But he will never give
His love as totally as
I can,
For you are my world,
And you are not his
Total world.
I shall never give up
The hope of your return.
For I love you to much
To give up,
That one thought.

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