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July 4, 2009

Alone Without You

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Like a child feels on
Christmas morning,
Full of joy,
Excitment and pleasure.
This is like I felt
Everytime we were
For like Christmass
Which comes only once
A year,
Our times together were
Only to few and far
Between for my liking.
As one who learned
Early that Santa Claus
Wasn’t real,
The season lost all its
Joy and great wonder.
Only to become a very
Sad and bleak time of
The year.
And as the years passed,
I spent them alone.
The way I feel now
Without you is not much
Different than that.
The joy and hope and
Wonder of you has been
Taken away from me.
Each time I see you I
Remember all the fun and
The anticipation of
Being alone with you.
And know that it will
Be no more.


Should I?

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As I try to fill the
Idle hours and days
Until that evening of
That one day ahead.
I ever keep the thought
Of what future lies
Ahead for me and what
I think I want.
That time I lay next
To your warm body and
Imagined a child alive
And moving in your body,
Seemed so real that I
Actually felt the
Little body kick.
Dare I really dream
That this might come
True and fill that empty
Spot within me?
Or are the dreams to
Be kept to another
Time and place?
A place of which I have
No awareness as of yet.
I question all that I
Am and all that I feel.
Trying to be sure of
What it is that I really
Why can’t love be the
Simple thing I wish it
to be?
Must I fight tooth and
Nail to obtain my hearts
Should I even hinder you
With the anguish of my
Very being?
For I am sure that you
Are not easy with what
Is happening with us
And I surely have no
Desire to add any
Troubles to your
Wonderous and loving

Be Not Afraid

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I dare not count the
For I know not the
Exact time.
Though time flies by
When we are together.
It drags ever so slowly
While I wait until we
Can be together again
My love.
Fantasies of what we
Can do together
Titillate my senses
Until I can hardly
Think of anything else.
And these fantasies
Are just a very small
Part of my thoughts
About you.
When time does allow
Our togetherness,
Be not afraid to show
What you feel.
Be not afraid to say
Whatever you may think.
Be not afraid to do
Whatever you may desire.
For I do accept all
Of what you are,
Who you are,
And who and whatever
You may become.


Forbidden Fruit

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As the sands of time
Ever flow across the
Eternal desert of my
So do the hours apart
From you feel to my
Tormented passions of
The forbidden fruit I
Seek becomes ever more
Desirable as it beckons
Before my eyes,
Unreachable to my touch.
But more torture have I
Beheld as the possessor
Of the forbidden fruit
Does touch and fondle
My desired one right
In front of me.
Words spoken in whispers
Offering but unable to
Satisfy the want that
Grows ever stronger and
Deeper inside of me.
The days ahead to wait
Until I can feel the
Warmth of you against my
Fevered body drag like
Rusted chains against
Soft wood eating away
The subtance till
Nothing remains.
But mores the fear of
Later when our short
Time together is ended
And again we must part
From each other.
To hide from all that
Which screams in my
Heart to be let free so
That all may know what
I feel for you.

Thunder Thighs

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Thunder thighs you do
Excite me.
Whipped cream dreams
Cover me.
Thunder thighs excites
My lighting rod.
My lighting rod sparks
As thunder thighs
Approcahes in her stormy
Whipped cream snows fall
And cover the mounds and
Changing the beauty of
Her shape into visions
Of a luscious dessert.
Ready to eat and slip
And silde over.
Spreading the sweetness
Until it covers all.
I am ready to gain the
Pounds of lusty loving.
To say to any who think
Me to fat.
It comes from being in
Love and loving the very
Sweetest woman there is.

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